Inchcape Shipping Services Ranks as an Outstanding and Trusted Shipping Agent


Shipping services require commitment and trust to the customers. Inchcape Shipping Services is a company dedicated to providing agency services across the globe. Additionally, they provide exceptional services, for example, off-shore support, crew management, storage, cargo services, and logistics services. Moreover, the company is well networked because it covers 68 countries across the world and 250 partner offices, which makes it the main differentiator in the shipping services market. Inchcape Company, however, serves at least 2,500 ports across the world, which is equivalent to 85% customer delivery globally.

Under the leadership of CEO Frank Olsen, the shipping agent is scaling high because of the unique service delivery. Moreover, it stands out among other shipping agencies. The company is diversified, but its main activities are port and shipping services. CEO Olsen believes the reason why the market is divided is because of the lack of trust, which puts the agency companies at the high competition because they leave the work to small players. Good leadership entails focus, and Frank Olsen understands this logic; therefore, together with the stakeholders on Inchcape, they have initiated a transparent program to tighten their relationship with their clients.

To win the customers’ trust, it should be a collaborative plan between the operators and agents. CEO Olsen believes the only secret to serving customers with honesty and integrity is teamwork. Through this, the process the Just-Time-Arrivals can be sorted and shipped to their respective destination fast and effectively. Inchcape Shipping Services are committed to demonstrating the company dwells in integrity, transparency, and trust. Most importantly, the company is focused on ensuring transparency and integrity are embedded in the corporate culture because it is the only way the company can be assured of success.

Furthermore, CEO Olsen believes technology plays an integral part in the success of the company. Inchcape Shipping Company is using the current technology such as a digital database that provides information to all the port agencies on important information regarding shipping and docking. The database service technology has been a success to the shipping services industry, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. The company, under the leadership of Frank Olsen, has been providing information to operators and crews on essential details such as changes in flights. Additionally, they have supported the shipping agent on the crew change. Technology has brought exceptional praise to the company, which has improved customer confidence in their services.

Some of the challenging issues in the shipping industry are the crew change management, and Inchcape Shipping Services Company, has collaborated with other operators internationally to solve these complex problems. For example, the company, together with other operators, managed to disembark 3,650 seafarers without any hiccup, which reflects the importance of working together. CEO Frank Olsen calls for unity and an excellent working relation among the operators, crew, and other shipping agencies since it is the only way to revolutionize the industry. Moreover, encouraging and appreciating the dynamic teams will serve as a good gesture not only to the shipping companies but also to the customers.

The Inchcape Shipping Services Company embarks on customer protection. In this case, the company pays demurrage fees in case of late docking or timely delivery. Additionally, the company also provides the crew change services, which entails assigning new crews. The noblest thing with the company, they offer transport services to the crew members to and from the ship as a way of nurturing the workers.


Inchcape Shipping Services is a transport and logistic company that provides agency and other support shipping services such as docking, storage, and crew management.


The objectives of the Inchcape Shipping Services Company are to provide undisputable services. Moreover, CEO Frank Olsen plans to embed transparency, integrity, and honesty in the corporate culture.

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