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When you think of printing services, you likely think of document printing and copying services. However, you don’t only need to go to them for those things. Instead, get creative and think of different ways to use them. Here are some ways you can save money by using printing services. 


When you find the perfect picture of your family, you’re probably delighted at the thought of getting it blown up so you can put it over your fireplace. What you’re likely not so happy with is the price. Whether it’s simply printing a picture on canvas or doing specialty printing on something like wood or metal, most online printing companies are going to charge you an arm and a leg. You could wait for a great deal to come around, but who wants to potentially wait for months for that?

Instead, print the picture on blueprint paper. Blueprints are often printed on vellum or mylar, which are stronger than regular paper, and are a fraction of the cost of other printing options. Plus, the photo is still as clear and bright as it would be on photo paper. A printed photo on blueprint paper can run as little as $10, where a printed canvas can be upwards of $80. 


The fun about using printing services Fairfax County VA is that you can create your own custom invitations. With many other online printing companies, you have to use their template and simply add your information. Using their templates can be limiting, and you can’t always find something you really love, so you might find yourself settling. Not to mention, they’re much more expensive than most local printing services. 

Regardless of whether you want to invite someone to a baby shower or a wedding, you want to create an invitation that fits your personality and sets the mood for the party. With a custom invitation, you can have it as ornate or as plain as you’d like, and you can even choose to make the invitations more memorable by printing them on something unusual like a magnet or coaster. 

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