How Parking Lot Paving Enhances Curb Appeal and Property Value


A first impression can make all the difference when a customer enters your business. Curbs, parking lines and a well-maintained asphalt lot can significantly affect how customers perceive your building. The curb appeal of a commercial property can be improved through paving, line striping and other maintenance services. These improvements can increase resale value and improve the overall look of your lot.

Curb Appeal

A well-maintained parking lot can make your business look inviting to customers. It shows that your company is professional and well-run, which can increase the chances of a new customer coming to you. A commercial property with great curb appeal and a smooth, freshly paved parking lot will also increase its value. If you want to sell your property in the future, this is an excellent way to boost its value and attract potential buyers.

Parking lot paving Elkhart IN professionals can design and build the pavement structure that meets the specific needs of a commercial parking lot, including requirements for parking stall areas, vehicle circulation lanes, truck lanes for loading or trash pickup, and special markings like handicapped spaces, crosswalks and more. They can pour durable concrete curbs and aprons and paint all pavement markings. These include traffic stripes, directional arrows, lane lines and all other compliance markings. They can even help you install the right drainage system to free your commercial parking lot from puddles and other water-related issues.


A parking lot is the first physical point of contact customers and visitors have with your business, which can significantly impact their impression. Many potholes and cracks give the impression that you don’t care about your property’s details or have the funds to maintain it properly. Paved surfaces are safer for pedestrians and drivers, who are less likely to trip or fall on uneven ground. This minimizes the risk of accidents in and around your business, which can result in expensive liabilities and lawsuits. Asphalt is also more environmentally friendly than concrete since it uses 20 percent less energy to produce and install. It can be textured to create an even surface that resists water and oil puddles, making people less likely to slip and slide on a wet lot. In addition, paving specialists use bright paint and reflective markings to help drivers see lanes and space dividers.


A well-paved parking lot helps protect your business from unforeseeable accidents and lawsuits. Having a clean, professional-looking asphalt parking lot gives customers a positive impression of your business and increases confidence in the quality of your products or services. Parking lots paved with concrete use less energy throughout their lifetime, cutting operating costs. Their light color also allows sunlight to bounce off them, reducing the need for lighting and electricity in the parking lot. Concrete is resistant to rust and can withstand harsh weather conditions without damage. Asphalt, however, can be damaged by heavy equipment or cars driving over it too frequently, leading to chipping and cracking. Severe cracking presents safety hazards and reduces the durability of your parking lot. Block cracking is a common problem caused by temperature changes that cause the asphalt surface to shrink and expand. Localized voids are another issue that can compromise the structural integrity of your pavement. This happens when a pipe underground bursts and leaks, causing soil movement and compromising the foundation of your parking lot.


Many businesses spend a lot of money on expensive landscaping, architectural features and accent painting to give their property a polished look. While these are certainly helpful, they can lose their appeal if the parking lot is cracked, full of potholes or missing lines for parking. A run-down parking lot indicates to potential clients, investors or buyers that other building areas might also be in disrepair. A well-maintained asphalt parking lot can help increase the resale value of your commercial property. Proper maintenance for asphalt surfaces is relatively inexpensive. Protective sealants can be applied to extend the life of pavement and reduce the need for costly repairs. In addition, periodic resurfacing and line striping ensure that your parking lot always complies with Americans with Disabilities Act regulations. This can also lead to savings on your business insurance premiums. Ultimately, these cost-savings more than offset the initial investment of a quality paving job.

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