A Guide to Learn About The IR35 Calculator and Ways to Use It


Part 1. What is IR 35 Calculator?

IR 35 is a set of tax regulations that came into force in the private sector from April 2000. It was formulated to identify ‘disguised employees. This ensures that such workers will have to pay the correct tax amount.

Off-Payroll Reforms was introduced in April 2017 by the government. It applies to the public sector and is a separate division of new legislation. Although both the IR35, the old and new, include the same regulations, but there are a few changes to the newer rules.

They introduce a separate set of tax treatment that implies that firms will need to examine the contractor status. It should also need to pay employment taxes along with the fees paid to the contractor IR35. This new tax is widely called the “Off-Payroll Tax”. Transformify is a leading firm that helps businesses of all sizes to hire, manage and pay remote teams, contingent workforce, and employees.

IR35 calculator

This is a helpful tool that will help workers compute how much tax do they need to pay to the government. This calculator is available in various formats to help workers use it based on their requirements.

  • Inside IR 35 or outside IR 35 calculator

This calculator is beneficial when you fall within IR35 working as a regular PAYE employee or show that your working practices fall outside IR35. In the latter case, there will be no change in the tax and change in the income of the worker. In other words, the worker will need not pay tax, Employer’s NI, and NI to HMRC at the year-end.

  • IR 35 take-home calculator

The IR35 ensures that people who work in the manner of a PAYE employee are subjected to tax. This shows that IR35 rules will be deemed to apply. Working inside IR35 will let subject you to PAYE tax as the outcome. This could result in a reduction in the monthly take-home pay.

  • IR 35 calculator paye

It will give a fair idea to workers to let them know how much more amount of tax they will need to pay when their contract work falls within the IR35 rules.

  • IR 35 salary calculator

This is a simple calculator that will provide a quote to the worker about their potential “take-home salary” when they work through an umbrella firm due to falling within IR35 criteria. If a worker falls outside IR35 on a service contract, then the contractor calculator will let him know how much amount can he earn via a limited company. In this case, the home pay calculator will quickly provide a quote to the worker.

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Part 2. How much will IR35 cost you?

If the work of a worker is found to come under IR35, then the firm has all the right to claim a fixed amount of charge to cover its business expenses such as accountancy fees. This charge is ‘5% allowance’, which is equivalent to 5% of the total yearly turnover of the company. This is done to work out the inside-IR35 ‘deemed payment’.

But Corporation Tax would still be payable on 5% allowance. In most cases, a majority of contractors incur a minimum of the same amount per year as permissible business expenses. If a company incurs business expenses that are equivalent to or more than 5% of the total turnover, then the Corporation Tax amount for “inside-IR35” will be zero or nil in that case.

The 5% allowance isn’t applicable when a worker falls within the Off-Payroll rules (post-April 2021 for private sector clients and post-April 2017 for public sector clients).

Part 3. How to use the IR35 Calculator

Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind when using the IR 35 calculator HMRC:

  • Fill in all the yellow boxes for the computation of the net income both inside as well as outside IR35.
  • The calculator presumes that you work on all five days a week, and 44 weeks a year.
  • Travel expenses include any expenditure that is incurred on the travel, accommodation and subsistence on contract duty.
  • Pension contributions that are made towards schemes through your limited firm should be taken into consideration.

Things to know when working with this IR 35 tools:

  • The calculator demonstrates the impact of the existing IR35 rules on the earnings (Section 8 of the ITEPA 2003), and not the delayed April 2021 ‘Off-Payroll’ rules (as per Section 10).
  • For simplicity, the contractor calculator IR 35 calculator does not consider the Employment Allowance. Also, the Corporation Tax is applicable at the current rate of 19%.
  • All tax rates that are used to perform the computation are used for the 2020 or 2021 tax year.
  • Different bands of income tax and rates are applicable when the person resides in Scotland. Due to this reason, the total tax bill could be somewhat different than the UK calculation.

Part 4. What is Inside IR 35?

Being “inside IR35” imply that you work as a permanent or contracted employee and will result in a change in the manner in which the worker will get taxed to reflect it. Following are the criteria that HMRC uses to determine whether you work inside IR35, or not.

  • The level to which the work got supervised,
  • Whether somebody else could execute the job in your absence and
  • Whether you are responsible to accept work allocated to you.

Part 5. What is Outside IR 35?

A person works as a freelancer, consultant, interim, or genuine contractor then they are said to fall outside IR35. In companies that hire workers as per the recent version of Off-Payroll Tax is applicable aren’t subjected to IR35 legislation.

In this case, there would not be any change in the income of the worker, and tax payable by him. Such workers aren’t entitled to pay tax, Employer’s National Insurance, and National Insurance contributions to HMRC when the year ends.

Part 6. Summary

IR35 was initially introduced in April 2000 as the “Intermediaries Legislation”.  It later got revised in April 2017 with certain modifications to keep tax rates fair and steady. If you work as a regular PAYE employee and fall within IR35 working, then the IR35 calculator will prove to be beneficial. It will help you calculate your annual and monthly revenue, net annual income, monthly income, and tax liability from a contract inside IR35.


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