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Security ahs become a growing concern in today’s society. However, deciding to contract with a security company may be the final step in your security decision-making process. First, you should determine what type of security you need. For example, do you need armed, unarmed or armed and unarmed security? You may be wondering, what’s the difference?

Armed Security

Armed security deters criminal activity by their presence. These guards have gone through extensive training, often college degree programs, and are licensed after extensive security, background and drug testing and gaining their weapons’ licenses. They complete extensive firearms training as well as nonlethal weapons training. These guards also receive medical training in first aid and CPR.

Unarmed Security

Although unarmed private security also deters criminal activity, they may offer additional customer service. For example, they may direct customers and ensure they are cleared to be in different areas of the building. Much of their job is observation and monitoring. Most states require a minimum of 40 hours of security training for unarmed guards. After their training, they are certified, but they must have at least a GED or high school diploma before their certifications are approved. They are also trained in first aid and CPR.

Making the Decision

If your business has priceless assets and is in a location that has a lot of violence and crime, you may consider armed security. However, you may want the guards to be disguised or behind the scenes so your customers and employees aren’t uncomfortable.

If your budget for private security is small and you don’t want to be liable for the actions of security guards on your property, you may choose unarmed guards. These guards are a deterrent and are often visible. Although some have the authority to arrest, most often, they offer rapid communication with police.

The location, type of service, perceived threats and other duties will determine whether you need armed or unarmed security. If you are concerned about the security of your people or assets, consider working with a security professional on your security plan.

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