4 Things To Know When Arrested for DUI


After an evening out, you may drive a bit differently. It could be because of the alcohol, or you may be sober and make a mistake. Unfortunately, the situation could put you in the spot of facing a DUI. If an officer suspects alcohol has impaired your driving, it’s best to do the following four things.

1. Don’t Aggravate the Officers

Remember that the police are responsible for monitoring laws, and that includes DUI offenses. The professionals on the scene are doing their job by asking about your drinking that night. Remain polite in your conversation, and avoid getting hostile. That frustration only escalates the situation.

This doesn’t mean you have to answer every question. Instead, respectfully invoke your right to remain silent.

2. Refuse the Field Test

You are not required to get out of the car and perform a test. In fact, these are often unreliable and could lead to you getting charged. Therefore, you are better off agreeing to go into the station and wait for a blood result. Even if you did drink, that could buy you a few hours to lower your count.

3. Seek Bond

If you go in, you are likely to find yourself requiring a bond. Use your phone call to ask a family member or friend to locate bail bonds Statesville near me. This method is usually a fraction of the cost of paying bail outright. Just be sure to understand the rules outlined in the agreement.

4. Avoid Drinking Until After the Final Trial

Even if you weren’t drunk during the arrest, you want to show good faith to the court. Refrain from alcohol until charges are cleared.

If you decide to enjoy a drink with your meal, understand the consequences of driving home. A DUI is possible. If it happens, remain polite and go to the station. Fight it there with the help of a lawyer and bond.

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