Why Would You Want To Remove Results from Google?


Technology has changed the way most people look for products, goods, and services. If you are looking for a product or service, you are probably going to turn to the internet first. You will probably head to Google and enter a search query. Then, you might realize that you do not like the results that you see. This might cause you to have second thoughts about products and services. What happens if someone searches you or your company and finds negative results? This could impact their view of you as well. This is why it might be helpful to remove results from Google.

The Benefits for Individual People

First, it is important to think about the benefits this could provide to individual people. If you are applying for a job, all potential employers are going to take a look at your search results when they look for you. Perhaps there is an old news article out there that presents you in a negative light. Even if you pass a background check, a potential employer might not like what they see. This could give them second thoughts about hiring you. This is similar to running a political campaign. You have the make sure that the search results that pop up about you are positive. This is one reason why you might want to remove results from Google.

The Benefits for Companies

In addition, companies might benefit from this as well. Companies spend a lot of time in the spotlight. There is no way that all of the press is going to be positive; however, you need to make sure that as many of those results are as positive as possible. You can manage your search results as one part of a strategy to manage your online reputation. You can take a look at the articles that have been published and manage what shows up when people search for your company. This can help you present your company in the most attractive light possible for potential business partners and customers. You need to manage the online reputation of your business.

Manage Your Search Engine Results

These are a few of the biggest reasons why you might want to remove results from Google. You need to make sure that you manage your reputation in the online world. This is where an effective search engine strategy is key. Similar to how digital marketers handle search engine optimization, this is a variant on that play. You need to make sure that your online reputation is positive because people use the internet for everything today. You want them to get the right impression of you and your company.

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