Why Should You Recycle?


Manufacturing industries and consumers are gradually embracing sustainable product packaging solutions as global efforts to stem the growing environmental crisis intensify. If you are still undecided about embracing sustainable products and engaging in recycling, you should ponder these points:

You’ll Be Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

According to Statista, global Carbon dioxide emission per person reached an average of 4.4 metric tons in 2020. In addition to that, practically everyone today that makes purchases end up leaving more carbon footprints. Since we cannot stop breathing, the ideal step is to recycle as many materials as we can and switch to using carbon-neutral materials. When you embrace recycling, you play your part in the global efforts to achieve a cleaner world.

Conservation of Natural Resources

Most human activities put some level of strain on the environment and cause depletion of nonrenewable natural resources. For example, approximately 25 trees are used to make 1 ton of office-grade paper, and an estimated 15 billion trees are cut down yearly. By recycling paper, you will help to reduce the number of trees cut down every year. You will also save the environment by cutting down on paper wastes and reducing carbon emissions from burning papers. Recycling metal, glass, and plastic for sustainable product packaging will reduce global mining activities.

Energy Conservation

Recycling typically consumes less energy than manufacturing new products. Recycling paper consumes 40% less energy than manufacturing paper from wood. Recycling waste materials can significantly reduce the energy consumption of many industries and leave more energy for grid supplies.

It is Cheaper to Dispose of Recycled Waste than General Waste

Generally, it is nearly six times easier to dispose of recycled waste than general waste. Recycling waste, therefore, costs less than waste collection and disposal methods. You, your business, and the government can benefit from this. Lower disposal costs may translate to lower waste disposal fees.

You Can Improve Your Brand’s Image

Today, more consumers prefer to buy products that use sustainable product packaging than a decade ago. According to Statista, sustainable packaging forms 42% of the packaging component that convinced most shoppers to buy a product in the UK in 2021. More people are also becoming conscious of purchasing items with brands that show certifications from credible sustainable product agencies in the world. By embracing recycling, you can improve your brand’s social image.

You cannot go wrong with recycling; the benefits mostly outweigh the challenges, and you’ll be happier for it.

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