What Kind of Choice You Make for Purchasing Furniture


If repairs are coming and you are considering the style of your dining room, be sure to consider room dimensions. If the dining furniture is in a small kitchen or living room, it is better to opt for minimalismthis furniture will not overload the space with an abundance of details. If the dining room is a separate room, or for this space a decent space is allocated in the living room or the kitchen, then the choice widens: you can take both a classic suite and a more modern one.

Color Of The Dining Room Furniture

Furniture should fit into the interior of the room not only in style but also in color. Frankly, it will be difficult to make a mistake when choosing Italian furniturein its production, calm nuances are used, so there should be no problems with a combination. Remember that artisans have been making furniture for ages? For this reason, flashy colors are hardly used. In fact, everything that Italian manufacturers offer us in terms of color can be divided into two groups:

  • Light-colored furniture, these are dairy, white, light gray and similar products. Ideal for small rooms in which dark shades of furniture will seem unnecessarily bulky;
  • Furniture saturated dark shades (brown, black, burgundy) looks luxurious, but fits only in fairly spacious and bright rooms.

For those who cannot decide, there is a huge choice of monochrome products. For example, the frame of the chair is made of dark wood and the cover is made of light fabric. This contrast allows you to use the table in any shade.

The big manufacturers are ready to meet the customer and make furniture from the catalog in almost any color. If you need an unusual combination or if all of the existing solutions seem inappropriate, look for a manufacturer that custom kitchen furniture. Get now more info  about it and come up with the smartest solutions about it.

Selection Of Dining Table

Italian furniture, of course, is of impeccable beauty. It is compared to a work of art from time to time, but you will not be full of contemplationthe dining room furniture should be comfortable, suitable for the size of the room and the number of people living in the apartment. It would be nice to provide a reservation in case the guests arrive.

So, when choosing a dining table from Italy, consider the following factors:


It is estimated that a person dining at a table should be at least 60 cm wide and 40 cm deep, when there should be room to serve. This means that a comfortable table cannot have a width less than 80-85 cm, the length depends on the number of family members and guests, as well as the dimensions of the kitchen / dining / living room.

Dining table size

The form

The simplest option is rectangular table, which can be moved to the wall or placed in the center of the room. A company of 6 people will sit quietly at a table of 150 * 90 cm, and a table of 2 * 1.1 m will be a good solution if 7 to 8 people meet regularly for lunch or dinner. If space allows, you can take an even bigger table, but it’s an option if you have a separate dining room. 


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