What is a Mobile Pole Caddie?


A mobile pole caddy is a bracket that allows you to move your jumping poles to and from storage easily. These caddies are a great way to keep your jumping ring organized and protect your jump poles from damage when unused. Read on to learn more about them.

It’s a bracket

A mobile pole caddy is a bracket that allows you to move jump poles around your jumping ring. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to change course, height, and color coordination quickly and easily without the hassle of hauling poles across the arena floor. An excellent mobile pole caddy will hold up to 2000 pounds of poles and is a terrific technique to spare your back from hours of dragging poles around. Also, it makes it easy to store the poles when they’re not in use.

Some mobile pole caddies are even kitchen-friendly (though not all).

It’s a storage solution

A mobile pole caddy is the perfect answer if you need to store personal goods like purses, bags, and caps. It allows you to easily stow these items under your desk so that they’re easily accessible. A headphone hook and upper shelf can also be repositioned to keep your belongings in the right place when you need them most. Smooth-rolling casters are preinstalled, so you can easily move them under or beside your desk. It’s also designed to straddle the lower crossbar on frames but can be flipped around in any orientation, depending on your preference.

There are many varieties of movable pole caddies, so pick the one that best matches your demands and jumping ring arrangement.

It’s a way to keep your jumping ring organized

A mobile pole caddy is an excellent option if you’re looking to keep your jumping ring organized. It allows you to keep your jump poles elevated off the ground, protecting them from rot and making it easier to select a pole when you’re ready to compete.

The caddy can also be disassembled for storage or shipping to another location. Some are designed to hook with other caddies to haul an entire course, making them ideal for competitions and events where you may need to transport more than one set of poles. They can also be used to store jump poles while not in use. They’re a smart investment that will keep your jumping ring running smoothly and efficiently.

It’s a way to protect your jump poles

A mobile pole caddy is an excellent way to protect your jump poles from getting dirty when they aren’t in use. They also keep your jumping ring clean and organized.

They can be painted in your company’s colors or emblazoned with your brand logo. They’re also simple to change, so you can alter the look and feel of your horse jumps as needed.

Another benefit of a mobile pole caddy is its easy transport. It has an easy-to-use tow bar that makes it easier to pull when moving your gear from one place to another.


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