What Does a Family Law Attorney Handle?

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Are you and your spouse planning to get a divorce? Are you trying to decide if your children need to live with you or your spouse? When it comes to matters regarding the family unit, a family law attorney can assist you. A family law attorney can handle different types of cases. Read on to see how a family law attorney could help you. 


No one ever wants to go through a divorce. It’s a very heartbreaking and painful experience. However, when one does occur, it’s important that it’s settled fairly and proper procedure is followed. Tensions can run high during this time. A family law attorney can mediate for the couple during this stressful process. If you need an attorney for your case, family law attorneys in Hernando County Florida can assist you in this process. 

Child Custody Agreement 

An important issue that family law attorneys can handle is child custody cases. When two people divorce, they must decide where the children will stay. Obviously, because people love their children, this could be a complicated subject to agree on. A family law attorney can help couples come up with an agreement on who the children will live with. 

Prenuptial Agreement 

Before a couple marries, they may wish to get a prenuptial agreement. This agreement states what will happen if the couple divorces or breaks up. It generally pertains to the division of property and spousal support. A family law attorney can help a couple draft this document. 

Estate and Will

When a family member dies, it can be a very stressful time for the family. Unfortunately, it’s also  possible for families to become quite nasty when it comes to the dead person’s assets. Fights and arguments can ensue over who gets a beloved family member’s property. A family law attorney can help people write their wills before they die. A family attorney can also make sure that the dead person’s estate is handled as they wanted.  

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