What Are the Various Types of Security Attacks on a Network?


As more and more businesses are getting on the internet, they are becoming prone to cyberattacks. The data sharing, business transactions, communication, or the entire commerce and trade rely heavily on the network. Apply for cyber security course in Hyderabad to learn more

Looking at this dependency, people with malevolent intentions attempt to disrupt the networks, violate privacy as well as intrude the internet-connected devices to illegally access information or make it dysfunctional. Here, we will tell you the types of security attacks from which a business should guard itself.


The first and the very common security concerns to any business is a virus. It is a non-self-executable program. It needs users to interact with it in order to cause damage to the computer and spread itself on the network. One of the examples of a virus is an email that has a malicious attachment, or a malicious link.

Opening this attachment, or on clicking this link, the malicious code activates and evades the security controls of the system and makes it inoperable. The user’s device gets corrupted.


Malware is considered among the most severe form of cyberattacks that specifically targets to destroy or obtain unauthorized access to a computer system. Most of such malware is self-replicating in nature. They infect a system and infect all the systems attached to it in the network. It works at a very fast rate.


A worm enters a device when a user executes any vulnerable network application. This application can receive “malware” from the web and execute it. In this way, a worm is created.


Phishing is the commonest type of network attack. It is done by sending emails pretending to come from known resources and creates an urgency to let users act upon it. These emails contain malicious attachments or links and may even probe you to share their confidential information.

Denial of Service

It is a critical attack that destroys the user’s network completely or partially. It can make the entire IT infrastructure unavailable for the authorized users. DoS attacks are classified as below:

  • Connection flooding
  • Vulnerability attack
  • Bandwidth flooding


These are the common types of security issues that can occur in a business. That’s why the implementation of cybersecurity is very important in a business.  With the right malware detection, firewalls, and encryption, you can protect your business from any cyberattack. Learn more about it at cyber security course in Bangalore

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