“Using Org Charts to Power Success.”


Achieve Business Success using Org Charts

The main reference point used for identifying the organizational and leadership structure of a business or company is an Organization Chart. It is a graphical representation that visually presents the key figures and relevant personalities in the organization, describing their roles and designations, as well as their areas of responsibilities.

Over the years, org charts were primarily used for organization design and development as handled by the Human Resources and key leadership members. However, in the past, org charts created were done manually using whatever documentation or graphical software is available. Thus, these org charts created were mostly static and needed to be updated manually.

The problem with static charts is that changes in the organization are not disseminated immediately to concerned members of the organization. This could be detrimental to organizational development as both internal and external customers rely on org charts to identify key figures in the company who can address their specific needs at that particular moment. Wrong or obsolete information not only will waste the valuable time of these customers but can also affect the company’s overall efficiency and productivity.

Modern times have ushered in advancements in digital technologies, and these include the emergence of useful org design software and specialized org chart solutions like Nakisa Hanelly that can help in the design, creation and real-time updating of organizational charts. On top of that, these solutions have extended the functionalities of org charts beyond mere graphical representations, into interactive tools for marketing and management that can help your organization achieve business success.

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