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If you’ve ever dealt with the transportation of goods at any point, you’ve probably heard terms like drayage, FTL, and compliant carriers. But if you’re not directly involved in the trucking industry, then these words can be confusing.

People tend to take trucking services for granted, but they are really an essential part of their daily lives, providing them with the things they need to lead comfortable lives. If you are dealing with trucking for the first time or just one to know more about the things involved in it, then here are a few of the services that trucking companies usually offer.

Full Truck load Shipping

FTL, or full truckload shipping, is great for larger companies because it involves hiring a whole truck to take cargo to one destination. FTL is usually a faster and safer method because the truck doesn’t have to stop anywhere. However, this is only a practical option for large businesses which sell goods in greater amounts.

Less-Than-Truck-load Shipping

Less-than-truckload shipping, abbreviated LTL, is the best option for small businesses because they are essentially renting only part of a truck and sharing the space with other clients. Although it can be slower and occasionally less safe than FTL, LTL is much more economical for a shipment that won’t take up a whole truck.


Unlike these other services, drayage Benicia CA is only for short-distance shipping. Drayage is a part of a longer transport that takes place within a relatively small area. Often it involves moving goods from a warehouse to a ship or from a train yard to a client. However, it usually only involves cargo containers and not more minor goods.

These are just a few of the many services that trucking companies offer their clients. Knowing these terms will hopefully help you understand the trucking industry and transport of goods. Transportation is an essential part of the economic heartbeat, and understanding it is fundamental to understanding how the modern economy works.

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