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The coronavirus pandemic has led the industry of hotels towards a new normal of working with fully distinct sets of health and safety strategies. As the industry attempts to figure out paths in which it can negotiate with the pandemic and open up again for business, the wants and demands of a traveler have developed and gradually turning today. While booking a stay at a hotel, people when looking not only at the best prices but also at its overall health and safety concerns and protocols. 

Without an inch of suspicion, if hotels expect to recoup rapidly from the recent crisis, it is a great time that they integrate every possible standard to ensure guests’ health and safety. And while doing so, hotels must subsidize the idea of digitalization, by making the best use of technology to enhance the guest experience. It would not only enable them to recoup promptly but also serve their planned purpose by strengthening comfort and accessibility.

We at Gtriip, help you make the straight call on formulating new services to make your guests’ lives more safe and convenient and also to provide a faster Hotel Check-in that will give your hotel an extra main part in the overall experience of the guests. By inviting you to our demo session, we would prefer to put light on a modern system and its benefits for your entity. 

Despite the truth that the fitness aspect encircling the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the travel industries and hospitality, there is a silver lining of hope, and signs of healing are arising. And one of the main elements is a revamped check-in process.

As the hotel industry is readying for the post-COVID planet, numerous hotels are doubling down on Contactless check-in and check-out.

Contactless check-in technologies enable your guests to avoid the front desk and go to their cabins directly and have an overall contactless arrival experience. Guests can check-in, select their room, get entry into their room, and check out with at least human involvement as possible.

Previous to the COVID pandemic, the front desks of hotels were introduced in a traditional style of check-in that encompassed a lot of human shares. However, as technology has earned its way to the hotel industry, Contactless check-in is becoming a significant solution to undertake the extent of the virus.

How Does Contactless System Work? 

It works through custom check-in and check-out workflows established on guest portions. Guests need to upload the crucial and the Coptic identity recognition (OCR) auto-fills the necessary areas with information from scanned reports. Then the front desk faculty surveys and allows check-ins with zero contact. Hotels can also amass health declarations from guests who all are checking in. This is done so that they can conserve hygienic standards and underrate the dangers of an explosion.

The hospitality industry comprehends the challenges that it is confronting at this point and it has evolved as much more vital than ever to integrate the sought-after technologies, not only to regain but also to assist people to have the stablest stay. And during this pandemic situation, contactless check-in and check-out are certainly going to be game-changer.


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