Traditional SEO vs. Local Virginia SEO: What is the Difference?


Virginia is a diverse state and home to a broad range of businesses spanning several industries. According to Business News Daily, the state of Virginia employs 1.5 million residents and 725,000 small businesses. For a business owner, your website becomes the primary Internet marketing tool. You can choose to do a traditional SEO or local Virginia SEO to improve your website rankings in online search results.

Search engine optimization is a marketing tool used to increase website traffic and generate more leads that turn into customers. Numerous local businesses are competing to be on the top search results. How will you determine whether using a traditional or local Virginia SEO as a marketing strategy?

Local Virginia SEO

Virginia is abundant in the number of businesses competing with one another. The competition is steep, and every business intends to put their best foot forward to attract the most customers in the local market. A business owner must spend on online marketing strategies such as Virginia SEO to aid your Virginia business pop up in search results applicable to your company and its services.

You miss out on potential customers if your business is not on the first page of the search results. Due to the saturation of local businesses that provide similar products or services, it can be a challenge to rank high on search engines without executing effective marketing tactics. Using a local SEO can be a way to increase internet traffic to your website and generate leads in a specific area of Virginia.

If you are a local business owner on a tight budget, consulting a local Virginia SEO can be useful. If your goal is to maintain long term results in a specific target area, then local Virginia SEO may be what you are looking for. Implementing marketing strategies through a local SEO should have a structured, replicable process and yields your desired results.

Local Virginia SEO can be more useful for businesses battling with a large amount of existing local competition. Virginia SEO can bridge that gap between potential customers and a new business for residents who live nearby through brand familiarity. Virginia SEO may have the edge over traditional SEO by optimizing the online presence of a new museum highlighting the lives of early presidents from Virginia such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and William Henry Harrison.


Traditional SEO

Economically, CNBC reports that Virginia topped the ranks in terms of comparing states as business-friendly. The SEO is tasked to ensure that your website appears when people search for the products or services you offer. Search Engine Optimization will deliver increased website traffic, followed by additional inquiries regarding your products and services. Hopefully, those inquirers will turn into new customers and increase your revenue.

Virginia has many businesses that generate a steady flow of employment and income. If your business is in line with franchising, heavy equipment, real estate, home and repair, security and home safety, medical and health, and industrial manufacturing, adding the services of a traditional SEO would create a match made in heaven. As brands and search functionalities evolve in the future, websites and businesses will continue to compete with one another for the attention of an audience, and marketing will still be a very useful tool to get customers.

The initial goal is for your website to show up in the higher rankings of the search engines, but the next step is to make sure that your website converts leads into customers, and your business generates revenue. Whether on-page or off-page, implementing SEO can optimize your website. You will be able to control several spots on the first page of search engines through the added utilization of social media and links from authority websites.


If your goal is to improve the visibility of your business on an international or global scale, then traditional SEO may be the route to go. There are several effective SEO strategies, such as earning and managing reviews on websites, targeting keywords that are more relevant for your business, creating geo-specific website tagging, earning backlinks for websites, and adding more relevant information in other associated websites.

As of today, it is estimated that more than 90% of online experiences start with a query on a search engine. Search engine optimization (SEO) makes sure that your business appears at the top of search results. If you are a local small business owner looking to boost internet traffic, organic search optimization may be performed by local SEO. Virginia SEO allows you to capture a local market to connect with searches in your area and targeting a specific search territory.

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