Top 3 Reasons To Join an Auto Club For Your Business


Membership has its benefits. This statement is as true for automobiles as for any other part of life. Auto clubs have grown up around the car culture of North America and continue to serve drivers in a variety of ways. Here are the top three reasons to join an auto club.


One perk of belonging to an auto club is access to car and travel insurance. Auto insurance plans range from liability to comprehensive and can be bundled with other benefits so that members receive the most value for their money. MCA Motor Club is a good choice if you live in the US or Canada.

Travel insurance takes the worry out of traveling. It can replace lost luggage, cover medical emergencies or reimburse canceled plans.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Anyone who has ever had car trouble far from home, late at night and in bad weather has either been grateful they had a roadside assistance plan or wished they did. In these circumstances, an auto club will send out a service truck to replace a dead battery or fix a flat tire. Most clubs also offer plans that cover towing. This benefit can mean the difference between making it home that night or staying in a motel.

Discounts on Restaurants and Accommodations

For those taking the ultimate road trip across the continent or flying south to warmer locales, auto club membership discounts can save a ton of cash. Accommodation is often the largest expense of a vacation, so saving money here means more to spend on fun activities.

After hotels, dining is usually the next category where travelers spend the most time and money. Auto club memberships come with recommendations on where to eat and vouchers to save money while your there.

Joining an auto club is a wise decision. The money saved and peace of mind secured are worth it.

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