Tips to buy an affordable life insurance policy


With the rising cost of living due to inflation and multiple outbreaks of diseases all over the world, protecting yourself and your loved ones has become a responsibility. However, you need to provide them with a financial cushion in the event an emergency takes place in your absence. This can be done by investing in any of the life insurance plans available in the market.

While purchasing a life insurance is easy, you can also make the purchase affordable for yourself. Read on to know how you can purchase affordable life insurance for you and your loved ones.

Understanding life insurance

What is life insurance? It is a type of policy wherein the insurer agrees to provide financial assistance to your family. If you were to pass away during the policy term, your family would receive a death benefit from the insurer. The amount would be based on the type of policy you purchased. This amount will help in ensuring your family’s secure future.

How to buy affordable life insurance?

Listed below are a few tips to make your life insurance purchase more affordable:

  1. Purchase it at an early stage

To be able to provide the best financial security to your family once you are gone, it is vital to invest in this policy from an early age. The ideal age is usually 30. However, many people do not tend to invest in it early on due to different factors. An incident later on in life could drive them to purchase the policy. However, purchasing the policy at a later life stage means paying more for it. When you purchase this policy at an early stage, the cost is lower and affordable.

  1. Compare policies online

The great thing about purchasing your policy online is that you get to compare what each insurer is offering you. This helps you in making an informed decision related to your policy. However, due to the lack of awareness, most people do not compare policies before purchasing one. This could lead them to buying either the wrong plan or ending up paying more than expected. It is always advised to compare and buy. When you compare policies, you get to see the services, the claim settlement ratio, and real time reviews from actual customers of those insurers.

  1. Balancing policy riders

In this policy, you have the option of including different riders to enhance the overall coverage. However, inclusion of these riders increases the cost of the policy. It is vital that you include only necessary riders to keep the cost of your policy under control. Adding unnecessary ones could escalate the cost of the policy by a lot and could make the premium payment difficult for you. Riders such as personal accident cover, accidental disability rider, and critical illness rider, will help you enhance the vital coverage of the policy.

  1. Opt for online purchase

When you purchase your policy online, you get to enjoy benefits such as the saving of more money, transparency, tracking of your application, etc. However, many people still prefer to purchase their policies through agents. While you can purchase your policy from an agent, remember that some of them have a notorious reputation. Agents often tend to market a high-priced product in the lieu of higher profit. Or they could mislead you into buying the wrong type of policy for yourself. Not to mention how, at times, agents charge hidden fees as well. Online purchases do not have any hidden fees. You pay for what you see and nothing extra.


These are just a handful tips on how you can purchase affordable life insurance policy for yourself and your loved ones. Get in touch with your insurance advisor to know more about such tips. You can use the life insurance premium calculator to get an idea about how much the insurance would cost you.

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