Tips for hiring shipping containers


There are a few factors to consider when purchasing containers for exporting products across states or internationally. The first question to answer when considering hiring a shipping container is to either purchase or lease one. If you’re relocating within states and could quickly give back the SCF containers, leasing is a better option. However, if you’re going internationally, purchasing cargo carriers is a better option, particularly when you could resell it abroad. Other things to think about while employing containers are:

  • Size: Because large containers are already so common in the shipping sector, they are frequently a safer option. A dimension of twenty feet by forty feet would be a good choice. They’re more widely accessible and have a higher resale price. However, it is not an absolute standard, since marine transportation companies might have to pick sizes entirely based on sailing regularity, ship capacity, and shipping lane.
  • Construction material: Whether you’re purchasing or leasing containers, you’ll want to be sure they’re built of corrosion-resistant components like steel. Especially compared to other products, it has robust chemical properties and is extremely resistive to air corrosion.
  • Damage check: Always inspect cargo containers for deterioration before accepting shipment. This involves assessing the sidewalls, floorboards, and roofing, as well as inspecting the overall look and feel. Ensure the container is leakage-proof and capable of carrying the load you plan. The SCF containers shall be supplied to you in excellent shape at the harbor or otherwise, as guaranteed in a formal document when you placed your purchase. When you’re getting it transported to your office, try to clean the area first, and then clear a little more.
  • Place at ground level: It might not appear to be the most critical factor, however, if the containers are not positioned on flat ground, it might be difficult to close and unlock the gate after it is filled. Short-sea transport companies frequently overlook such considerations.
  • Check security features: Your belongings in containers remain safe until the gate is secure and shuts properly. So, in addition to evaluating the sidewalls, flooring, and ceiling, takes a little time to examine the doors. For shipment, doors with a locked box are preferred. It safeguards your items secured by preventing the padlock from becoming messed with.
  • Prepare for delivery: It’s not simple to get a shipping container delivered. If there will be any overhead trees or electrical wires in the vicinity, the suppliers should be notified so that a secure delivery may be made. If the vendor refuses to accept the obligation, ensure the space is cleaned of anything that could harm people or ruin the containers as soon as possible.


Always maintain a professional demeanor when dealing with cargo container suppliers.

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