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It is no lie that the office environment contributes a lot to the productivity of employees. A chaotic and disorganized office environment makes even the most dedicated of your workers unproductive. It also makes a bad first impression on your clients and visitors.

To improve the efficiency of the workers, put in place a system that will help you declutter the office space. Invest in a storage solution that will keep their items and physical documents organized and out of sight. The solution should also make the office clean and maximize the office space.

Here are some of the tips you should consider when curating your office.

Clear Out Drawers and Storage Cabinets

Rid your storage systems, such as drawers, of obsolete things. Begin with the computer accessories: unfunctional external drives, flash disks, specialized cords. After that, proceed to other office products. Do away with anything that is a duplicate-one pin remover is enough for each employee. Dispose of anything that the workers do not need-do they need that old typewriter?

Next, access audit your consumable supplies such as folders, paper clips, pens, colored markers, among others. Employees use some of these supplies rather slowly, so if you have a supply that could last you for more than three months, dispose of some or keep them in your storage solution out of sight.

Give Each Work Station a Personal Storage

Invest in petite drawer units. These storage systems consume less space and can easily be tucked under a desk, thereby saving space. Also, consider mobile pedestals if you want a storage space that you can move easily. Some of these personalized storage units have cushion tops and provide a second seat if collaboration or a quick discussion is needed in a workstation.

There is a wide range of varieties that you can choose from, such as narrow, lockable, or skinny pedestal solutions.

Digitize Your Documents

Most of your office clutter, such as documents, meeting notes, business cards, and many more, is probably paper-based, which is not bad. However, they consume a lot of office space, and you likely do not refer to them regularly. Instead of hanging on to them with the off-chance that they may be of help someday, digitize them by having electronic copies. Type or scan them and store them in your email or cloud.

You can download and use numerous apps to scan and store these documents on your phone quickly. Take a picture of the essential papers and recycle or dispose of the paper versions. You should also use notetaking apps, as they allow you to store and synchronize your notes across numerous devices with the help of the cloud.

Switch to Double-Sided Printing

Double-side print any document that you require in a physical copy. Doing so minimizes the physical size of the file and reduces the number of ream papers you need to stock.

Keep your office space clean and free from clutter to improve the productivity of your workers. Install a good storage solution and embrace digitization. Lastly, dispose of any obsolete documents and minimize your paper usage.

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