Things You Should Know About Product Liability


Manufacturers, retailers and others who distribute products can be held liable if their products cause harm to individuals. If your company manufactures or sells goods, you may be thinking about purchasing insurance for products liability Columbus MS, but you should know some things about product liability so you can protect your company properly.

Applicable Laws

In 1995, legislators adopted the Model Product Liability Act. This act outlined the best practices, and 20 states have since adopted laws based on this act. Manufacturers, creators and distributors of products must adhere to these laws, which include specific safety standards, to ensure their products do not harm their customers. You may not know that marketing defects, such as unclear instructions and little or no warning about product dangers, may also result in product liability lawsuits.

Proof Is not Necessary

Product liability claims are a type of personal injury claim. However, unlike most personal injury claims, consumers do not have to prove that your company was negligent.

If the company is found liable, you may have to pay for medical treatments, lost wages and pain, but if you do everything you can to prevent injury, these damages can be minimal. In addition, many states limit the amount your company can be charged. Also, the lawsuit, and thus, the damages, may be spread among several companies.

You can Protect Your Company

You can protect your company from product liability claims. First, you can adopt high-quality standards and conduct safety testing. In addition, investigate how your products are used and then design for safety. Provide all the instructions necessary to prevent injuries. Make sure your suppliers have adopted high quality and safety standards, and check your supplies closely.

You may also purchase product liability insurance, which will pay your claims if someone wins a product liability lawsuit against you. Finally, you may hire an attorney who can guide and defend you.

Don’t leave your company open to product liability claims. Protect yourself and your company by adopting high quality and safety standards, purchasing insurance and working with a reputable attorney.


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