Things to Know When Revamping Your Bedroom


We may want to change the way our home looks. One of the most personal projects you can take on is restyling the bedroom. This is the space that screams “you” the most. Your guests aren’t likely to be hanging out in there, so you can make it up any way you, please.

Even if this is the case, there are still a few factors you need to consider so that you are fully pleased with the results. Whether it be size or color, having the right tools on hand will save you wasted materials and time! As you read, you will see how Inch Calculator is one of those life savers.

Getting a New Bed

One thing that may make your bedroom a much more pleasant space is investing in a new bed. You may have had yours for a while or are looking for more comfort. Either way, this change requires a few prior inspections. For instance, you want to make sure you choose the right-sized mattress.

Bedrooms can become cluttered and cramped fast if you decide that “bigger is better.” While you can easily find out how big king-sized or queen-sized beds are, you will need to know your room size for comparison. When you learn the length and width of your room, you can use Inch Calculator’s square feet calculator to discover the area of your space. This will let you make a comparison of how much walking room you will have when you choose a specific bed.


The colors of paint can actually affect your emotions. So while your favorite color may be red, painting your room, this color may increase your energy levels. That would make it hard to sleep, wouldn’t it? Bedrooms are better for cooler colors like blues because they create relaxation. Light colors can also make a bedroom feel more open, while dark colors can cause a room to appear smaller.

Inch Calculator can also come in handy during this procedure by giving you a calculator to find out how much paint you will need. Along with wall paint, they can help you discover the gallons of primer or ceiling paint necessary as well.


Both natural and artificial lighting can be very important for a bedroom. This is because it can do as much for your emotions as paint can. Whenever waking up from a good night’s sleep, you don’t want to be met with harsh sun rays or a too-bright lamp. Warm white LED bulbs are great for bedrooms because they still provide a lot of lighting without being too bright. You can also try out dimmers in your room to help you adjust to the light as you wake up.

While some people love blackout curtains, they can make it difficult to wake up. Make sure you choose drapes or curtains in darker colors that still allow for some light to peek through in the mornings. (While you’re at it, print out one of Inch Calulcator’s tape measures to help you find the right size for your window!)

Personal Details

Even though you need to consider a few things while remodeling your room, this is still your place to experiment. Ensure you don’t forget the touches that will make it unique. This can include adding photos of loved ones or theming the space around one of your interests. This will allow you to feel at home when you’re in there rather than in a bedroom advertisement.

While you can still make this area your own, be sure that you don’t overdo it and make it difficult to enjoy. Inch Calculator can easily come to the rescue when it comes to understanding the sizes and amounts of material you need for any home improvement project, including in your bedroom. With over 3,000 calculators and scales, you can find out sizes, costs, and much more. They want to make sure all of your tasks are easy to complete.

A lot can go into restyling a bedroom, but it can still be fun to do. By the end of the project, you will be pleased with your results and may be ready to try working on another room. In that case, make sure you revisit Inch Calculator’s website for further help!

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