The Importance of NAID-Certified Shredding


Increased Compliance With Privacy laws

Using naid certified shredding essex county ma is the best way to guarantee that your business complies with privacy laws. This certification shows that your company is taking proper measures to protect its employees and customers from identity theft.

The government has prioritized the protection of consumers and businesses from identity theft, so all companies must exercise caution when handling sensitive data. However, unique privacy legislation may only apply to specific sectors, and companies must keep up with the latest changes in data security legislation.

For instance, healthcare organizations must adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). It requires companies to follow various strict guidelines for protecting private and protected health information. If your business fails to meet the compliance requirements, you could face stiff fines and litigation from customers, suppliers and even your employees.

Elimination of Identity Theft And Privacy Breach Risks

Identity theft and privacy breaches can be avoided when choosing a NAID-certified shredding company. These companies ensure that your sensitive records are securely destroyed.

NAID certification means that the shredding company has a high degree of compliance with the strictest data privacy laws. Certified providers are also subject to surprise audits to ensure they operate ethically and legally.

In addition, all providers must maintain a passing grade to keep their certification. Repeat violations can result in dismissal.

Companies should be aware that identity thieves are on the rise. One study found more than $112 billion was stolen from consumers in 6 years. Those identities were used to commit various frauds, including tax identity theft.

Considering the cost of a data breach, it is easy to see why a NAID-certified shredding company makes sense. Data breaches can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Reduced Risk And Liability

Consider NAID-certified shredding providers if you are in the market for a service. These companies are approved for a variety of reasons. Some of them include secure handling and disposal of confidential data.

Aside from reducing the risk of a data breach, working with NAID-certified vendors can help your organization maintain regulatory compliance. Many state laws require written information destruction protocols.

The National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) is a trade association that promotes the highest standards of ethics in the information destruction industry. They create global recognition for their members by setting strict guidelines and conducting process improvement research.

A company must meet specific requirements to be eligible for a NAID AAA certification. Such criteria include:

  • Auditing of plant and mobile operations.
  • Auditing of computer hard drives.
  • Auditing of Macromedia.

In addition to a comprehensive audit, NAID certification requires a robust chain of custody procedure. This includes a law enforcement clearance for each employee.

Systemized Approach to Protecting Sensitive Data

When deciding which document destruction company to use, it’s essential to find one certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). NAID is the world’s leading independent and trusted organization that certifies and monitors the performance of document destruction and data security services.

A company must undergo an extensive application process and be inspected at its facility to be certified. NAID-certified shredding companies follow specific wipe standards that render electronic information unrecoverable. The data is destroyed by cross-cut shredding, which produces small paper particles.

NAID certification is an industry-leading validation program that identifies and confirms companies’ compliance with stringent government regulations. Companies that have NAID certification are vetted by independent Certified Protection Professionals. This ensures that their client’s sensitive data is secure during destruction.

Choosing a NAID AAA-certified shredding company can help your business meet regulatory compliance needs. This certification also assures customers that the service provider uses an integrated, systemized approach to protecting sensitive data.

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