The Importance of a Notary Public For Your Business


Most adults in America have probably used the services of a notary public at least once in their life. Notaries provide services in a wide range of fields and circumstances. They serve as a witness when important documents are signed, such as real estate contracts, loan transactions, powers of attorney, wills, court documents, and adoption papers. Notaries provide the assurance that signatures on legal documents can be trusted, as they are responsible for verifying the identity of the signers and for ensuring that the signers understand what they are signing.

Who Are Notaries?

Notaries in the United States are public officials appointed by a state government to oversee and witness the act of signing important documents to deter fraud. They provide a high level of accountability and integrity to business and legal transactions. They serve as impartial representatives without being swayed by any personal thoughts or interests. There is a process to ensure that you qualify for this important position. Refer to your state government resources to discover how to become or renew as a notary in your state.

Notaries Have a Long History

The origins of notaries can be traced as far back as the ancient Roman Empire, with possible precursors in the civilization of ancient Egypt. They have been prominent in Europe throughout its history. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella provided a notary to sail with Columbus on his journeys to ensure that all his discoveries would be claimed for them. The Pope of Rome once appointed members of the church to be assigned as notaries. Notaries have been a part of life for thousands of years.

Our legal and government systems are highly dependent on the services of the notary public. The next time you meet a notary, know that this is a person who has been trusted with a great civil responsibility to protect and serve the United States legal system.

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