The Difference Between Air Freight and Air Cargo


In the shipping industry, air freight and air cargo words are synonymous and denote the same meaning. If you use the word air freight or air cargo, the variations you will find have to do with the type of company you are working with for shipping.

Air Freight vs Air Cargo: Any Difference?

Airfreight and air cargo shall apply to the charges charged to the carrier operating the cargo.

Airfreight happens in two ways.

  • The cargo is borne on an aircraft which is owned by a third party.
  • A freight business carries cargo on its aircraft.

Shipping is regulated by several national and international rules and regulations, either domestically or globally. With your cargo impounded or confiscated, making the wrong mistake will end. In a happy outcome or financial tragedy, knowing the benefits and drawbacks of shipping with a freight company or managing the shipping information yourself may be the difference.

Freight Forwarders

Working with a freight forwarding company is one common way of arranging for your air cargo to get from one location to another. These firms do not own the aircraft on which the freight is borne. They package shipments and arrange for the cargo to be transported with the operators of the aircraft.

There are some benefits of using a freight forwarder.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Freight forwarders deal with air carriers for bulk shipments. Their organization is consolidating shipments into bulk shipments from several clients. This maximizes the effectiveness of the purchases, which can translate into tremendous savings for their clients.
  • Regulatory Problems –When dealing with transportation authorities, customs officials, and aircraft operators, freight forwarders serve as agents for their customers. They prefer to establish relationships with all of these individuals over time, resulting in much more productive shipping.

Cargo Airlines

Cargo Airlines specialize in the transport of freight or air cargo. Subsidiary branches of well-known airline firms are several of these companies. Some businesses operate exclusively as air freight firms. FedEx Express, which operates more miles per annum than any other air cargo carrier in the world, is one of the best known.

Dealing directly with a cargo airline faces problems on multiple fronts, but it has its benefits.

  • Speed and Ease of Use – In various ways, most air cargo carriers can accept packages. Some have dropped off points where you can get support from experienced workers with marking and declarations.
  • Tracking – Nearly every air cargo carrier provides an array of choices from the time it is accepted at its drop off location until it arrives in the hands of someone at its intended destination to monitor your package or cargo.

Air Freight for Everyone

Shipping air cargo or air freight has become a de facto norm for shipping worldwide, depending on how you choose to reference it. Anyone who shipped via FedEx is likely to have sent air freight accidentally. Suppose it is the birthday present of your daughter shipping from Singapore to the USA  or a shipment of computer parts bound for a production facility halfway around the world. In that case, air freight is within anyone’s control.

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