The Best Defense Attorneys Have These 3 Things in Common


When charged with a serious crime, it’s crucial to find a reputable attorney to represent you in a court of law. An effective lawyer can mean the difference between months, years, or even a lifetime behind bars versus a much less severe outcome up to and including a not guilty verdict. But how do you determine which criminal defense attorney is the best one for you? The most effective lawyers have these three things in common:

Grit / Determination

If charged with a crime, especially if it’s a serious offense, you’ll want to hire someone with the grit and determination to overcome obstacles and navigate the complex criminal justice system. Aggressiveness is an essential asset and a common trait shared by the best and most effective defense attorneys. 

Experience / Expertise

The most effective criminal defense attorneys are highly skilled and experienced, specializing in specific areas of criminal justice such as drug offenses, murder, internet crimes, etc. When choosing a lawyer, it’s crucial for the outcome that you hire someone who has taken on and won many cases like yours. If you’re researching federal criminal defense Los Angeles CA be sure to inquire about their level of experience and areas of expertise.   

Responsive / Approachable

Another shared trait of the most effective defense lawyers is their responsiveness to their clients’ needs, along with their ability to break down complex legal issues into understandable language. The best criminal defense attorneys are down to Earth and approachable. After all, what good is the best lawyer if no one feels comfortable talking with them?   

When it comes to choosing the best most effective criminal defense attorneys, research is vital. Be sure to inquire about their past cases and success stories, particularly if they’re similar to yours. Also, check for positive reviews.     


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