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Are you serving in the United States military? If so, first thank you for your service. Because you may find yourself in dangerous situations for the sake of the country, the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers those in the military a number of tax breaks. You still have to pay taxes, but you get a few more perks than other citizens.

IRS Tax Breaks For Those in Unites States Military Service

Members of the US Armed Forces may be eligible for a number of powerful tax breaks. If you need professional military tax services Fairfax County you have a number of agencies that can help.

Some of the more important military tax breaks offered by the IRS include:

  • Combat Pay Exclusion. If you are required to serve in a combat zone, all or parts of your combat pay may be free from federal taxes.
  • Reservists’ Travel Deduction. Members of the Armed Forces reserves whose duties take them more than 100 miles away from their residences can deduct their unreimbursed travel costs.
  • ROTC Allowances. Some of the costs incurred by members of the ROTC in advanced training may be deductible. For more information on this, see IRS Publication 3
  • Uniform Deduction. The cost of your military uniforms may be deducible. This includes not only the cost of purchase but of cleaning and upkeep as well.
  • Deadline Extensions. The government knows that some of the duties of active military personnel can make it difficult to file on time. In some cases, you can get automatic extensions of time to file your tax return and to pay your taxes.

In addition, you may also be eligible for earned income tax credits, deductions for moving expenses, and certain special deductions when returning to civilian life. You’ve put yourself at the country’s service. Tax breaks are available to help you mage your finances during this time. 

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