Smart Options for Selling the Diamond Rings


Diamond dealers have an expertise and buy-back service for precious stones (from 0.50 carat in unit weight) and jewelry. A whole team of gemologists and experts is involved. The public is received by appointment in one of the dedicated offices. The expertise of your diamond will be done there in good conditions, in order to protect you during the sale. This study has a cost, which will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

This specialist in the purchase of diamonds and precious stones helps you in the sale of your diamond with discretion. After a free estimate, an offer to buy it now is made. The purchase of cut diamonds is made according to the international diamond price set. Most jewelry stores guarantee the purchase of your diamond at the current rate, less some fees. So if you are wondering how to Sell my diamond ring  then here are the solutions that you will have now.

Jewelry stores

The easiest and safest option for ordinary people from the small neighborhood jewelry store, most guarantee the redemption of your diamond during the day, less some fees, after verification of identity and filling out forms. It is preferable to make an appointment, indicate the jewelers it is moreover compulsory.


Whether they have a permanent address like the pawn shops or they open one-off counters like the International Auction firm, many businesses offer to buy your diamond. It should be noted that some will take into account the overall value of the jewel, and not just its diamond. It is recommended that you visit several, the prices offered vary greatly.


There are plenty of websites offering you to mail your diamond in exchange for a check. Difficult to get an idea of ​​their reliability none responded to requests. As for the Consumer Protection Office, there are no statistics on this category of merchants. First, test the business by selling only one piece of jewelry, of little value. In the case of businesses that offer a service by mail, check whether the business is established and what its reputation is on the web.


This is a lesser-known and lower-paying option, but one that doesn’t lack appeal: instead of selling your jewelry, you can melt it down to create other jewelry. It’s not just a redemption service where you leave with your check: there is a poetic dimension, customer support which is more our objective. This is the wonderful thing about diamond: it can be recycled endlessly and can remind you of your mother, your grandmother, something special.

Selling your diamond watch in a specialized store is the advantage of being able to get paid quickly and that all this is secure. In addition, they sometimes take back models in poor condition that they will renovate. However, you get a lot less from it than its true rating because the store needs to make money! And some stores do not accept all brands.

For older watches, you can also turn to antique dealers.

The shops also sometimes offer another solution to outright purchase, with the consignment of watches. This is a very simple service, you negotiate the selling price with the store and they will only get a commission if the watch is sold. However, so are you? So if it can’t find a buyer, you won’t get your money. Finally, a guarantee is often offered to the buyer.

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