Should You Hire Business Setup Services In Dubai


Dubai is one of the dream destinations for foreign investors and entrepreneurs. Ease of doing business, relaxed tax laws, speedy services, and strong governance are some of the reasons to consider Dubai as your destination for a start-up, or a business of any model. Moreover, Dubai has offered superior infrastructure with a premium lifestyle and prospects to grow. 

However, the increasing number of foreign investors and industries has enforced some stringent norms. It is pertinent for ex-pats to follow these procedures and obtain a business license and register their company in Dubai. The procedure involves some legal work and documentation. Hiring business setup services in Dubai can give you freedom from all the legal work while a licensed citizen takes charge of the foundation of your business.

How Can a Business Setup Services Help?

When you are setting up your business in this new land, business setup services can be your support system. They can not only facilitate government approvals without complications but also ensure you can obtain the necessary licenses and permits. 

In addition, there are many more reasons to choose a business setup service in Dubai:

  • Obtain License: To run any business in Dubai, you need a proper license. You can obtain a license only when the company is registered in the country. Approvals and procedures are different for different types of businesses. Some businesses may require ministry approvals, bank guarantees, and legal assurance, whereas others may not. As an ex-pat, you may be puzzled by all the paperwork related to licensing. If you hire a service provider, they would undertake all these activities on your behalf and assist you in setting up a business. 
  • Determining the Business Field: The license that would be issued to you would determine the area of your commercial activity. It could be the popular Mainland license or a Free Zone license. You have to be clear about the options of business and the benefits of each of these fields to decide your business jurisdiction. Only professionals can guide you and help you to decide. 
  • Expert Advice: The business setup services have experienced professionals for assistance. They are eager to guide you with all your queries related to a business setup in Dubai. An outsourced agency also acts as the guiding force during this process. With professionals by your side, there is little risk and no chance of impending issues. 
  • MOA and AOA Formulation: Companies must prepare a Memorandum of Association or MOA and Article of Association or AOA. Moreover, the UAE law stipulates that business documents should be prepared in both English as well as Arabic. AOA lays down the business structure, responsibilities, and rules related to various aspects of the upcoming company. On the other hand, MOA has all the details of liabilities, shareholders, capital clauses, etc. An experienced firm can formulate essential MOA and AOA. Their association can also ensure that the business is preparing its structure to meet the needs of the governing country. 
  • Find Sponsors: The UAE federal laws stipulate that local Emiratis should be the sponsor of a new company. Sponsors hold 51% of the share in a company whereas ex-pats hold 49%. Only a reliable sponsor can contribute to your business venture. Business setup services shall help you to find a local sponsor in Dubai.

If you want to establish your business as a foreign investor, you have to depend on business setup services in Dubai. Only professionals can help you. 


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