Should Small Business Units Consult a Wed EDI Solution Company for Their Operations?


Electronic data interchange refers to a software platform through which two companies exchange documents and information in a standardized format. The system allows these companies known as trading partners to send and receive numerous business documents via their computer networks. Moreover, the system enables these businesses to complete the entire transactions within seconds instead of waiting for days. It not only improves the internal efficiency of the companies but also automates the flow of work within their elaborate supply-chains. It is not possible to achieve this objective under a manual system. The companies even get one step closer to establishing a paper-free working environment.

Web EDI solution, and how does it benefit your company?

Web EDI simply refers to operating a suitable electronic data interchange platform with the aid of an Internet browser. It allows small companies to prepare, receive, send, and manage vital business documents using various Internet protocols. These could include File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS), Applicability Standard 2 (AS 2) or HyperText Transport Protocol Secure (HTTPS). The owners of these businesses do not have to worry about their vital information falling into the wrong hands. This is because EDI standards have adequate security features which prevent individuals without the proper authorization to gain access to the system. The owners of these companies can even hire corporate vendors offering a Web EDI solution using cloud technology.

The Web-based EDI platforms which these service providers operate for small companies normally contain five common features:

  1. The design of the browser interface of these platforms are easy to understand and simple to operate;
  2. The interface of Web browsers is compatible enough to allow companies to execute transactions with numerous trading partners;
  3. The transactions which the web-based EDI platforms generate are normally in a readable HTML format;
  4. The EDI platforms easily process incoming customers’ orders into relevant invoices or receipts within seconds; and
  5. These EDI platforms also have built-in features that generate instant alert messages when operators commit errors.

Benefits of hiring corporate vendors offering web-based EDI solutions

Given below are the key benefits of the web-based EDI solutions for a small business unit-

  • The EDI platform these service providers operate for small businesses significantly reduce their operating costs;
  • Automatically integrates into the owners’ existing IT infrastructure without any difficulties to ensure proper data exchange;
  • Minimizes the processing time for executing business transactions to just a few seconds; and
  • The EDI platforms ensure real-time visibility of business data for small companies and their trading partners.

Working with reliable corporate vendors offering a web EDI solution enables small businesses to improve their overall efficiency. The browser interface of the platform these service providers operate is easy for them to understand and operate. These systems are easily compatible with the owners’ existing IT infrastructure and those of their trading partners. As a result, they can process incoming customers’ orders into invoices in a matter of seconds. These systems also have an in-built feature to prevent errors occurring during the data processing phase at affordable costs.


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