Robot Trading – When AI technology is applied in the Binary Option market


Automated trading using AI technology is one of the most popular options of traders nowadays in the Binary Options market. It is considered for high safety as well as for generating stable profits. In addition, AI technology is also commonly applied in other areas of the financial sector such as banking and securities. So how is this AI technology applied in the financial industry? What benefits can robot trading bring to traders? Let us answer you in the content below!

  1. The Explosion of AI in the Financial Market

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most important achievements of the 4.0 industrial revolution. This technology has been being applied to many different fields, including the financial sector.

In the financial sector, AI technology is used to serve in banks or securities companies to advance customer experience. For example:

  • Securities companies use an AI system for market analysis to suggest suitable investment packages for investors.
  • Banks use an AI Robot in customer service to create new excitement.
  1. The AI ​​technology is applied by Block Option in version 2.0

Besides being applied to the products/services of banks or securities companies, AI technology has also appeared in the Binary Options market in recent years. It is known as automated trading technology by Robot (Robot Trading)

The Robot Trading in Binary Options is a software that you can install to automatically generate the most number of trades. This application helps you to manage time and emotions as well as bring high efficiency when trading.

Advantages of Robot Trading feature

Similar to some big guys in the market, Block Option also applies AI technology in their trading system. The first AI version is called Autobot Trading. Since being launched, this version has received a lot of support and trust from traders.

In the upcoming 2.0 version, Autobot will be upgraded by Block Option to a new face with a lot of advantages. Some outstanding features of Robot Trading are as follows:

  • Time management: Help traders save a lot of time as well as spare time to do other jobs.
  • Emotional management: Many traders often let emotions overwhelm their reason. This makes it easier for them to make the wrong decisions. That’s why Robot Trading will be a tool to help them manage their emotions more effectively.
  • More successful trading orders through automated collecting and analyzing bid data
  • Taking profits – stopping loss automatically according to the settings of the traders
  • Trade even when the devices are turned off
  • Automatically copying trading orders from the ROBOT of experts
  • Automatically archiving the trading method for the next application or transfer to other traders.

  1. What is special about Block Option version 2.0?

Beside Robot Trading feature, the upcoming version still has a lot of functions which are expected to be profitable for traders. There are some outstanding features such as:

  • Follow expert: You can copy trading orders from experts to ensure a stable profit and win rate. All traders can use this feature as well as it allows them to copy trading orders from multiple experts at the same time.
  • Trading Tournament: Traders will compete with each other on trading to reward valuable prizes.
  • Lucky Draw: Lucky draw mode promises to bring many valuable gifts. In which, the highest prize can be up to 1 million USD.
  • Affiliate Program: With the 2% commission for each successful referral, traders can own a passive income which is not only sustainable but also very huge. Because Block Option usually organizes a lot of training courses about the way to build and develop a team.

These above features will be officially updated in Block Option version 2.0 in the near future. In order not to give up the latest news about version 2.0 of Block Option, please refer to

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