Relevance of ethical hacking & bug bounty programs for cybersecurity


Businesses have increased their cybersecurity spending, and yet, cybercriminals and hackers find their way into network perimeters. Your company probably has created an incident response, which basically outlines what must be done after a security breach, but are you proactive in your cybersecurity approach? This simply means taking a step ahead and using preventive and precautionary measures. One such idea is to use ethical hackers. The security community can be your ultimate resource to find the possible weak points and vulnerabilities in existing cyber defenses. How does ethical hacking work? Here are some things worth knowing. 

Identifying security issues

Ever wondered if someone can cause DVR hack? Or if a hacker can possibly spy on user activities using malware? When it comes to cyber defenses, many companies have a hard time in being objective in their approach. They know they have done their best, and internal teams may not be able to find issues that real hackers may exploit otherwise. That’s where ethical hackers come in handy. The term “ethical hacking” means ethically attempting to hack into networks, devices and systems, to find security vulnerabilities. Ethical hackers, with all their experience and expertise, can find security issues, which are otherwise ignored or not detected in scheduled scans and network checks. 

Taking help in strengthening cybersecurity

One of the key reasons to use ethical hackers to strengthen and take cybersecurity to the next level. You are basically hiring a team of experts, who help in detecting flaws and can offer insights on how to enhance and work better on security defenses. Many ethical hackers work closely with clients to help them see concerns and issues that are hidden in plain sight. They may even create a list of dos and don’ts for employees. The extent of involvement that you want can be decided by your business, but the security community has knowledge, which is hard to ignore. 

Running a bug bounty program

Your business can have a bug bounty program, which pays ethical hackers for finding cybersecurity issues and vulnerabilities. You can expect the hackers to report incidents or security flaws, as per the terms & conditions of the program, and they get paid in return. If you are unsure of how to get started or run a bug bounty program, consider hiring a company that specializes in cybersecurity and can manage your business needs as an extended arm. 

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