Registration Company Service in Indonesia: Requirements and Processes for PT PMA


Have you ever dreamed of having your own business after you graduate from college but didn’t push through because you got busy with work? Or perhaps you are someone who has the ambition but just got busy with family life. Whatever your circumstances, there are companies that provide registration company service to make your dreams come true.

You can start your business now. Even if you are lacking some skills, there are company registration service providers that can help you from scratch.

The Different Types of Legal Entities where Registration Company Service providers can help you with:

  1. Local-Owned Company (PT). As the name implies, this type of business entity is only for local residents. However, if a local company will nominate a foreign investor to add up to his capital, that can be arranged, even if they can’t be the official shareholder.
  1. Foreign-Owned Company (PT PMA). This is the type of business that can be owned 100% by a foreigner. However, it is still somewhat controlled by the government as only those listed in the Indonesian Negative Investment List will be allowed for foreign ownership.
  2. Representative Office. This is the type of business for businesspeople planning to engage in PT PMA eventually or for those who just want to promote their company in Indonesia without intending to earn money. Included in these activities are conducting marketing research and simply promoting the name of their businesses or brands.

How to Register a PT PMA

Since this type of business is the most feasible one for a foreigner, this is the one we’re going to concentrate on how to register. The steps are as simple as follows:

  1. Company Name Approval. From the list of the company names you provide, one will be approved. As long as it’s not obscene, you have more chances of being successful.
  1. Deed of Incorporation. This includes the article of incorporation prepared by your company properly notarized.
  1. Legal Identity Approval. Once you have submitted your notarized deed of incorporation, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights will approve it.
  1. Registration of Tax ID (NPWP). Since it’s mandatory to pay tax, you need to get an NPWP number.
  1. Domicile Letter. This is a document stating the location of your business.
  1. Application of NIB. This is a document needed for applying for other licenses such as Business License and Location Permit.
  1. Other Licenses Application. Depending on the nature of your business, some documents are necessary for you to provide like commercial and tourism licenses.

Do you need an Incorporation Company in Indonesia?

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