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Barricades are one of the measures implemented at construction zones to warn workers of potential hazards. Although workers are expected to read industry journals that instruct them on all of the types of barricades and their meanings, there are a few that everyday people can explore to get a good understanding of what is often seen at a site.

Soft Barricades

These offer no physical protection but alert workers to potential hazards. You may see these around areas with overhead work, extreme temperatures, or dangerous equipment. These barricades will be placed completely around the perimeter of the hazardous area. They often are placed a good distance from the actual hazard, so workers have plenty of warning. Also, they must be sturdy enough to last in foul weather.

Hard Barricades

Hard barricades warn people about potential hazards and offer them a layer of protection. For example, you may see guardrails set up around an excavation site to prevent people from walking or driving machinery into a pit. These are designed to protect workers. Therefore, they are often sturdy enough to take an impact from a person or machine.

Magenta Tape

Any time you see magenta tape set up as barricades Washington or any other area, this means there is a radioactive substance in the area. This means only authorized radiographers are allowed to enter the restricted area. The magenta tape will be set up around the perimeter of the contaminated area. Also, the barricade itself can be tape, plastic chain, or any other magenta material. Since workers must handle this situation with care, they will only attach the tape to barricade stands. Whoever is in charge of safety will maintain the perimeter to protect workers.

There are many types of barricades present at construction sites. Understanding a little about the various types can ensure you don’t find yourself in a dangerous situation.


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