Prepare Your Concrete Driveway For The Winter


With the winter approaching, it is important not only to clean your home’s exterior for curb appeal but also for its functionality. Winter weather components like snow and ice can cause hazards, and you may be wondering how to prepare your home for the season. The good news is that regular upkeep does not require as much time and energy as you might think. 

One thing winters do is cause damage to your concrete surfaces, like your driveway. As ice and snow collect, various damages can take place. Regular cleaning and taking a few other steps are important components of winter driveway maintenance. To minimize damage to your driveway, call for Zachs concrete cleaning today. 

Tips to prepare your concrete driveway for the winter 

  • Have the surface power washed. 

You do not want the accumulation of harmful particles and substances on your driveway, such as grime, moss, and other debris. With the right power washing services, you will be able to keep your driveway clean and ensure that all harmful things are removed. When you clean your driveway regularly, you will also be able to minimize the accumulation of particles that cause damage to your driveway. 

  • Re-seal the driveway. 

Your concrete driveway should have had a special sealant after the concrete was poured and set. Sealing your concrete driveway is important because it provides protection and protects you from harmful elements, especially in the winter, such as snow and ice. When this sealant becomes damaged, it can damage your driveway as well. 

The concrete seal can wear out due to daily use. It is important to re-seal your driveway. 

  • Clean your driveway regularly. 

Cleaning your driveway regularly will decrease the likelihood of it becoming damaged. Damages occur when debris, dirt, and other harmful particles accumulate and stay there for a long time. The best way to ensure a clean concrete driveway is regular power washing. They can also improve the appearance of your property. 

  • Avoid using de-icer. 

Many people use de-icing chemicals to thaw their concrete driveway during the winter. These chemicals are strong, and using them on your concrete surface can cause spalling and scaling and ruin the appearance and structure. It can also cause cracks in the driveway. It is recommended to use sand instead of rock salt, as the former offers better traction. 

Caring for your driveway can go a long way. Perhaps the best way to take care is to hire professional cleaning services. Talk to a cleaning service today. 

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