Planning Your Solids Control Equipment Needs


When starting a new oil drilling company, it is important to invest in all the equipment that you need to handle this process. For example, selecting the best solids control equipment is vital for ensuring that your oil doesn’t get seriously contaminated.

Why Solids Control is So Important

Solids control equipment separates the drilled materials, such as rock, mud, and more, from your oil and uses various methods (such as filtering screens, settling, forced separation, and gasses) to help break them apart and keep them separate. Without proper solids control, your oil and your drilling site may be contaminated and useless.

Solids Control Options That Make Sense for You

Solids control equipment for your drilling site will vary based on many needs, including what type of soil you’re drilling in and much more. Understanding your options here will ensure that you take care of your solids and keep them from affecting your site. A few equipment types that are likely to be essential for your overall drilling and excavation process include options like:

  • Centrifuges:High-quality centrifuges can help separate your solids from your oil and return them to their natural environment: they come with both small and big bowl options for your needs.
  • Vertical Cutting Dryers:Taking care of your equipment may include using vertical dryers to minimize oil spread and to keep them as dry as possible. Drying shakers may also help you here.
  • Transfer Pumps:These pumps take your solids and carefully pump them away from your drilling site to ensure that you can return them to the environment safely and smoothly.
  • Excavators:Getting rid of heavy loads of large solids is an important part of drilling, and excavators can not only help you open up a pit for treatment but get these solids out of your way too.
  • Closed-Loop Mud Systems:Mud is one of the most common solids you’ll encounter while drilling, and a closed-loop system will get it out of your way and minimize site contamination.
  • Drilling Fluids:Mud conditions, additives, and other drilling fluids can help break various solids down at your drilling site and ensure that you have a smooth and efficient operation.
  • Replacement Parts:Your equipment may need many replacement parts to properly operate, including screens that can help sort through the various

When picking a solids control equipment company, it is important to consider things like financing and even rental options. Many companies provide rental equipment that you can use to cut back on your overhead. While it is nice to own equipment, knowing that you ultimately don’t have to worry about maintenance or renovations is a great way to cut back on expenses for your site.

Working With a Great Team

Finding solids control US oil teams can trust is an important part of your overall operation. Thankfully, you can reach out to many teams to identify options that make the most sense for your needs. The many equipment types and the unique solids separation processes available to you can streamline your drilling and give you the hands-on experience that you want and deserve as a team.


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