NetBase Quid: Businesses Can Use Emerging Trends in Analytics


In the past few years, business analytics have significantly improved, especially from the operational data in transactional systems, so that business users have a better understanding of Emerging Trends. For example, e-commerce data analysis has recently been regarded as a killer data mining app.

The created data set includes records based on network, demographics and other behavioral data. Emerging Trends offer businesses with insights about online activities and the characteristics of visitors and customers of the site. Every day millions of flow records are generated and integrated with records and hundreds of functions, so there is a great need for an automated method to access the system in the data.


To reduce the duration of the discovery cycle, promote the definition and success of business goals, and deliver the results of the analysis to a wider audience, developers of analytical solutions began to engage their plans. The verticalization first step is to integrate specific knowledge roles. Examples include insights about customer data analyzation to determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, information on how to analyze web-based online data to reduce shopping cart abandonment and enhance advertising effectiveness.

There are insights on how to integrate general ledger to provide various forecasts, or how insurance companies analyze data to provide existing customers with policies at the best price. In the process of integrating specific industry knowledge, organizations have the ability to improve the performance of their applications for particular verticals.

Analytics in New Areas

In the past three years, customer data analysis has become more attractive having achieved results in reducing customer redundancy, increasing customer profits, adding value to e-commerce purchases, and increasing response to email and mail marketing activities. This paved the way for new uses of emerging business analysis. In these new areas, three applications are specifically promising: workforce analysis, price optimization and supply chain visibility. Organizations have already run a key component of their supply chains.

In the process, they facilitate the collection of important data, the performance of inventory, supplier, equipment, etc. The new application can now analyze Emerging Trends data to gain insights into the performance of partners and suppliers, material usage, and sales accuracy to better control CRM. The adoption of supply chain management software enables companies to configure/integrate their needs into the supply chain. Based on this integration, marketers are now able to capture the latest data on specific product requirements, as well as data with similar granularity when similar data is distributed.

NetBase Quid Analytics

The design and execution of business analysis revolve around process domains, new technologies, user interface design and system integration, which are all driven by business value. The value of an enterprise can be measured as progress made in bridging the gap between the needs of enterprise users, the availability and use of analytical tools.

To make the analysis more relevant and visible to business users, the solution focuses on specific vertical applications and adjusts the results and interactions with business audiences to make them easy to understand and provide people-level insights. For ease of use, easy and efficient deployment, and excellent value, analytics are integrated into a larger system.

Emerging Trends

Therefore, issues such as storage, data collection and special processing for analysis are increasingly recognized as important in the overall structure of the system. To expand the effectiveness of analysis in business processes, there are solutions that go beyond application-oriented client-side solutions. These have reached “behind the scenes” in sales, marketing, supply visibility, price improvement, and employee analysis. Finally, to obtain the full effect and value, more analytical solutions can obtain results by measuring changes in the necessary equipment.

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