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Thanks to Google, inviting candidates to apply for different roles is not hard for organizations. The process of recruitment is much more complicated than that. More companies, including small businesses and startups, are not opting to hire an employment agency like Hunt international for their staffing and recruitment needs. More than just hiring expertise for right staffing, it is also about saving on costs, resources, and time. After all, why bother about a process that can be managed better through outsourcing? Engaging the right employment agency, however, is an aspect that needs attention. In this post, we are sharing a few tips on how you can find the right company for your recruitment needs.

Review their recruitment process

The depth of the recruitment process is something worth considering. How does an employment agency hire people for different clients? What strategies, funnels do they use to filter candidates? What is their role in understanding the goals and culture of your organization? How quickly can they fill up both temporary and permanent vacancies? Now, these are very basic questions but offer a fair idea of how you can do better while negotiating things with an employment agency.

Understanding the costing

There are varied ways and means that an employment agency can charge clients. Sometimes, they will charge a fee based on the salary of the employee recruited, while for bulk recruitments, the arrangements can be different. Many employment agencies also make some money from applicants, but that’s not your concern. What needs attention is how the fee structure works and if that is viable for your company in the first place. Don’t shy away from asking questions, ensure that everything is on paper, and don’t forget to be transparent in your deals.

Adding value to the organization

Whether you want to hire a staffing company is an internal decision for sure, but focus on how the agency can bring value to your organization. The best employment agencies always take the step ahead in knowing their client, employment needs, work culture, and other aspects that may influence the performance of a good candidate. They bring perception to each role and can help in reducing HR costs, but without any sacrifices on the quality of work being done.

You can check online to find employment agencies near you, and we recommend that you opt for a personal meeting with their core team to understand what they can do for your staffing needs.

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