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Once you get your laptop you would want to get the accessories to protect and improve the performance of your laptop. Here are some of the accessories with their salient features.

Laptop Bag

A good laptop bag is one that keeps your laptop safe, snug fit without fear of fall and damage to the laptop, convenient to store and carry around. The laptop sleeve is pouch designed to fit closely over the skin of the laptop, normally made of nylon or plastic designed to protect the laptop from dust and debris as well as minor bumps.  The important aspect to check is that the laptop sleeve is the right match for your laptop and fits properly. Laptop sleeve bags are very popular and can be sourced from leading suppliers.

The laptop bag is the most important accessory for the laptop and here are some of the features to help you select the right one:

  • A snug fit for your laptop. An ideal laptop bag keeps your laptop safe without fear of falling while carrying it around.
  • Compartments for carrying the various accessories. These save time and keep your wires from getting entangled. Extra space for note pad and snack is preferred.
  • Durability and security of the bag. Laptop bags normally have foam packing for the security of the laptop. The laptop should be durable and not give way while travelling.
  • Check point friendly at the airports For a frequent air traveller this is an important aspect. The laptop should be easily retractable and replaced.
  • Attractive and stylish design. You would be spilt for choice in the combination of style and functionality. Choose one that best suits your style and job requirements.

External Hard Disc

External hard drive is a portable storage that can be attached to the laptop or computer through an USB. They have large storage capacities to back up the computers.

Laptop key board

External keyboards are convenient to use and easily plugged to the laptop with an USB port. The wireless keyboard is now common. Along with the wireless keyboard is the wireless mouse for its convenience of use.

Portable charging bank

Power bank comes in various sizes and the first thing you should know about them is their suitability for the laptop and the capacity.

Laptops stand           .

Laptop stand not only help in proper posture but also keep the laptop cool due to added air circulation.

Speakers and head phones

They are getting more and more sophisticated in terms of delivery and size and one is spoilt for choice.

5 must-have features in a laptop bag

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