Importance of Driving License in Four Wheeler Insurance


If you wish to drive your vehicle on Indian roads, it is mandatory that you have an insurance policy for your car. While the Government of India wants every vehicle owner to have at least a third-party insurance, it is suggested to have a comprehensive four wheeler insurance as it protects both you and your car from the financial risks related to road accidents. However, when you buy car insurance online or offline or make a claim, you need to provide some important documents such as identity proof, vehicle registration copy, address proof, etc. 

One of the important documents while making a claim for 4-wheeler insurance is the driving license. If you do not have one, you must obtain it without any delay.

Importance of Driving License in Car Insurance

A driving license is a document which makes you legally eligible to drive your car on Indian roads. If you attempt to drive your car on the road without a valid driving license, you could get penalised. When a vehicle is driven by a licensed driver, it signifies that the driver is capable enough to handle the car and shall follow the traffic signals along with other rules and regulations. 

When a vehicle is driven by an unlicensed driver, there is a risk involved in which the driver, the car and third party can get affected. We cannot guarantee that when a car is driven by a licensed driver, it reduces the risk of a road accident to zero, but it does bring down the chances of a mishap occurring. Additionally, it will make the claim request valid for your car insurance. 

Hence, before you make a claim for car insurance, it is mandatory for you to have a valid driving license.  If you do not have one already, read on to know more. 

What is a Learner’s Driving License? 

The Learner’s Driving License is a temporary driving license issued by the RTO (Regional Transport Office) to beginners who are learning to drive a car. When a person holding a learner’s driving license drives a car, they must be accompanied by an individual who holds a valid driving license. 

The Learner’s Driving License is valid in all States and Union Territories in the country. It stays valid for a period of 6 months, and an individual must clear a driving test in order to obtain a permanent driving license. 

Eligibility Criteria for Learner’s Driving License 

The Eligibility Criteria for an individual to receive Learner’s Driving License is as follows: 

  • Vehicle with Gear: An individual needs to be above 18 years of age if they have to drive a vehicle with gear. 
  • Vehicle without Gear: An individual needs to be above 16 years of age if they have to drive a vehicle without gear. 

Documents Needed for Learner’s Driving License 

Mentioned below is a list of documents which you will need to apply for a Learner’s Driving License: 

  • 3 copies of the latest passport-size photographs 
  • Proof of Age (Submit any 1 of the following)
    • Birth Certificate 
    • SSC Certificate
    • PAN Card 
    • Passport 
  • Proof of Residence (Submit any 1 of the following) 
    • Voter ID 
    • Passport 
    • Aadhar Card
    • Ration Card
    • Income Tax Returns 
    • Water or Power Bill 

Learner’s Test


We have mentioned below information about the learner’s test, which you must know:

  • Written Test: The first step in Learner’s Test is the Written Test, and it consists of 10 questions carrying 10 marks for which you get 10 minutes. The test paper is about traffic rules, regulations and basic traffic signs. In order for you to pass the test, you must get a minimum of 6 marks.  
  • If the applicant does not clear the written test, he/she can re-attempt after 7 days.  
  • When the applicant clears the test, he/she shall obtain the Learner’s Driving License. It will be mailed to the residential address of the applicant.  
  • After you receive the Learner’s Driving License, you can apply for the Permanent Driving License after 30 days or within 180 days of issue of your Learner’s Driving License. 

Now that you have the Learner’s Driving License, you are eligible to drive a vehicle. However, you must paste the letter ‘L’ on the front as well as the backside of your vehicle to notify other commuters on the road. 

Permanent Driving License Requirements 

Following is the list of requirements you would need when you apply for a Permanent Driving License after a period of 30 days from issue of the Learner’s Driving License: 

  • Learner’s Driving License: The number of your Learner’s License must be filled in the application form. 
  • Fee Payment: You must pay a fee at the RTO office, which includes the license fee and fee for the smart card. 
  • Driving Skill Test: The applicant must be able to clear a driving skill test at the premises of the RTO.
  • Photo & Biometrics: If the applicant clears the driving skill test, his photo and biometrics shall be captured at the RTO.
  • Smart Card: The Driving License card will be sent to the residential address of the applicant. 


By now, you may have understood the importance of a driving license while making a car insurance claim. However, a driving license is not mandatory while buying car insurance. Hence, if you haven’t purchased one for your car yet, it is advisable to first browse through the various plans, check car insurance premiums, compare policies across different competitors and then buy the best car insurance policy which suits your insurance needs perfectly. 

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