Identifying Odor Control Needs in Your Business


Odor control is never about applying treatment equipment to each spot where malodorous air is escaping from. Besides, this approach might prove to be a lot more expensive. As such a proper odor solution could mean making a larger initial investment, but the results will be effective, and reliable. That’s why you need a long-term odor control system available from Also,  the process requires a thorough survey of the in-depth workings of the odor control equipment to centralize and treat bad odor effectively.

What Should You Consider?

Currently, there are different varieties of odor control solutions to choose from depending on the type of industrial odors, site manager, and facility’s owner needs. Even then, there are many factors that should be considered when choosing the type of odor control solution that best suits your business. So, what factors should you consider when choosing an effective odor control solution?

Start by determining the resources you have on-site. If you have limited water access means that you should avoid biotrickling filters or bioscrubbers. Also, you should factor in mechanical resources. For some facilities, the use of ventilation schemes may work best for specific odor control solutions, which means they might rule out other solutions. What’s more, modifications to the ventilation can help in setting the stage for an efficient odor control solution. Working with an odor control expert will help you figure out the best solution for your business.

Secondly, estimate the level of the odor problem in the facility. To help get a better estimate of the odor issue, your odor control expert can help you distinguish harmful or offending compounds, measure the airflow moving these compounds, and decide the amount of the odor that should be removed.

Next, consider the available space. When you have limited space and the neighboring land is being developed, then a huge biofilter might not be practical. Biotrickling filters and Bioscrubbers are much smaller but will normally handle airstreams containing higher odor concentrations than the biofilter. On the other hand, if you have access to lots of real estate without any close neighbors, then a biofilter could be your best bet.

Finally, take into account your maintenance personnel. Note that the different odor control systems on the market will require different skill levels and man-hours in maintaining them. Some of these systems will require workers who are to discard hazardous materials. Does this mean you’ll need to invest in more training or hire more staff to handle the maintenance? Or could you have fewer employees by choosing an odor control system that is less labor-intensive?

In summary

Organizations and facilities will continue to face more to ensure they keep the odors their industrial premises release under control. Therefore, as a manager or business owner, realize that foul odors will give clients the impression that your facility is dirty. Also, failing to address them will hurt your business’s bottom line. That’s why bad odors should be addressed directly at their source. And no matter what, don’t think that covering them or letting them linger will make them go away.


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