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Boating is a great way of spending quality time with friends and loved ones. You buy a boat, ship it, and move it to the waterside, depends on the size of the boat, and engage with other users in fun times and games, really helps your heartbeat rate.However, instantaneously things can quickly change, putting the lives of all the people on board in danger. Boating accidents are not as frequent as auto accidents, but when they happen, they can be fatal and life-threatening, especially to people who don’t have swimming skills. Some causes of boating accidents are the mundane things that people assume. Experts recommend for boaters to practice safe boating to minimize chances of boating accidents. Here are things you can do to avoid a boating accident.

Do Regular Maintenance of Your Boat

Owning a boat calls for regular maintenance just like any other machine or vehicle that you have. Checking and maintaining your boat regularly will help you diagnose faults and repairs that need to be worked on before getting on the water. The lives of passengers are in your hands. Having this in mind at all times will help you not leave anything to chance that can cost their lives or cause them injuries. In case you are not skilled to do the maintenance, you can invite an expert to inspect or repair your boat. This will make certain that your boat is safe to use and does not pose any danger to anyone.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs When Boating

Most of the boating accidents that occur are due to human negligence and recklessness. Boating when you are drunk or high on drugs is dangerous since you are not in the right state to pay attention to your surroundings. Being sober while riding allows you to notice coming boats or other objects that may otherwise cause an accident. If you must drink, designate a qualified sober person to drive the boat.

Wear A Life Jacket

Not everyone riding on a boat can swim hence ensure you and your passengers are in life jackets or floatation devices before getting out on the water. A life jacket helps you to float and protects you from drowning. Whether you are an expert in swimming or not, ensure you are in a life jacket. Do not compromise on your safety.

Be Keen On the Weather

The weather may seem boating friendly, but upon getting into the water, it may change which may require urgent action. Before leaving the shores be aware that the cool, still water may be hazardous in case of a storm and ensure you know what to do in case of such an incident.


Overspeeding is dangerous on the water just as it is on land. Maintaining a safe speed helps the person piloting to stop the boat from a collision or flipping due to unexpected waves.

Do Not Overload

It is important to know the maximum weight your boat can accommodate. Carry the right capacity even when the business is booming. Do not overload simply because many people want to ride. Strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended maximum capacity to save lives.

Operators’ Inexperience

This is another cause of boating accidents that takes people’s lives while leaving others badly injured. If you don’t have the proper skills or experience to operate a boat, enroll in a school offering boating education to ensure your safety and that of the people on board.

Follow Navigation Rules

There are set rules that regulate boating activities. These rules differ from country to country. However, ensure you strictly adhere to them for they are not set to inconvenience you but rather to ensure your safety and combat boating accidents.

An awful boating experience may negatively affect a person hence the need to make certain that you give your passengers the best experience worth reminiscing in the future. Understanding how to prevent these accidents from happening can save many lives. As a safe boater, ensure safety first before other things.


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