How To Market Your Business On Facebook


It’s unusual to get a day without me browsing through my Facebook page. And I’m not alone: according to DMR, 65 percent of Facebook users log on every day.

As advertisers, we know how crucial it is to have a Facebook profile for lead generation, but we also know that it’s getting more difficult to stand out from our peers. With more than 1 billion active Facebook users every day, advertisers need to be strategic about how their audiences and businesses expand across Facebook.

Marketing ideas for Facebook

It’s difficult, but it’s not impossible! Here are ten clever Facebook marketing ideas to make you stand out from the busy social sea.

Target a Specific Audience

Did you know that you can target French-and English-speaking women, between 31-56 years of age, who live in Boston, MA, 10-mile radius, who are “fit moms” of high school children? Don’t you trust me? Check out my post on the 11 incredibly unique Facebook communities that you should reach.

The super-sophisticated level of advertising targeting is one of the biggest reasons to be enthusiastic about Facebook ads. Let’s hope you’ve devoted time and energy to assessing your user base and building up consumer people; now, you can put those people to work and follow people who are more likely to be involved in your goods or offers.

Caution, please! If you’re going to be too descriptive, this tactic will work against you; keep an eye on the audience description tool to make sure you don’t get that granular in your identity targeting that nobody sees your content.

Run a Simple Engagement Contest

Facebook competitions are nothing new, but they don’t make this Facebook Ad tip any less useful. You’ve probably been introduced to plenty and potentially have joined some of them (I know I have). But did you actually try to run one yourself?

Running a contest with a tempting reward is one of the easiest ways to encourage Facebook ad participation. What beer lover wouldn’t want a free trip to one of the best beer festivals in Boston (see ad below)?

Ideas of Facebook marketing contest in Singapore

The best part of running a contest is that it doesn’t have to be too complex. For example, follow Harpoon’s lead, merely telling people to send pictures of your product to them and then picking a random winner for a nice journey.

Create a short, enticing video post

So, you started promoting your business with videos on Facebook, but people don’t seem interested? This is probably attributed to one of the following two reasons:

Your videos have been too long.

Or, they just don’t engage enough.

Facebook users are trying to have fun. They spend their time on a social network, perhaps to waste time or stalk up their mates, so you need to divert their focus with amusing material easily. What better way to do this than by video?

Other advertisers are keeping up with this theme. The average regular video viewing on Facebook has doubled from 4 billion video viewings a day to 8 billion between April and November 2015.

Companies like BuzzFeed have come up with a recipe for driving video engagement – to keep things short and sweet, with a beautiful thumbnail. I spent about two hours the other night watching these short video recipe updates on BuzzFeed Food’s Facebook page.

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