How to Find a New Manager


Managers come and go from businesses all the time, but that doesn’t make getting their two-week notice any less difficult. A good manager can be hard to replace, especially on short notice. Luckily, there are a few tactics hiring managers can try to get a good fit for their business.

Use a Job Finder Service

The internet is a great place for a hiring manager to start his or her search for a new manager. There are several job hiring websites and leadership search partners to choose from. While it doesn’t matter much as to which specific website a hiring manager uses, what does matter is that the website allows both hiring managers and prospective employees to search on the site by job title and location. Any site that allows hiring managers to sort by education level or previous job experience is a plus.

Most hiring services are free for job seekers to use, but will have a fee for whoever posts the job or uses the hiring service. Of course, fees and other options will vary by service.

Hire From Within

Promoting someone who already works in the business is also a good choice. This way, the employee already knows how the business operates. However, hiring managers need to be aware that there may be rules or other laws about hiring from within, depending on which state they are in. Businesses that work with unions will usually have stricter rules than other businesses. To be safe, a business should post the job opening both inside and outside of a business.

Hiring a new manager can be stressful, but following either of these two tips can make the process a little easier. So, consider hiring from within. If none of the current employees will make a good fit, try out a hiring service to see what great new employees can be found.

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