How to create a better workplace of the future – Tips for architects


It’s easy for designers to get drawn into a fascinating daydream when thinking about futuristic design. Running an online search results will lead to beautiful designs, but picking the designs based on practical considerations are much important. Visions of holograms, future with robots can push the creativity into next level dimensions. Technology is an essential factor to consider when creating and designing the office space. The work layout should enhance employees experience, facilitate collaboration and improve productivity. Creating the office of tomorrow isn’t easy, but these top tips can ultimately enhance its function.

Considering the well-being of the employees

The office space needs to engage employees, letting them to do their jobs efficiently.  It’s possible to create such environment architecturally. For example, in some countries like Germany, there is a strict regulation that every employee is seated within seven meters from natural light. You’ll have to utilize appropriate technology to create an efficient building. Organizing the buildings amidst the internal gardens and around beautiful exterior spaces can literally reduces stress, where employees can feel better and tend to do more creative work.


By getting rid of physical barriers or traditional cubicles spaces opens employees to have improved conversations with one another. You can also invest in some glass doors or partitions that offer an appealing appearance. The office space when acted as a communication tool can create effective collaboration among the employees, thereby prompting them to be more productive.

Connecting with nature

Yet another factor that can have a significant effect on overall performance and productivity of employees is creating a building that connects with the nature.  When looking at what inhibits or promotes well-being of workers is to consider natural light and sound. It’s been reported that natural daylight in the office building can increase the performance by 20%. Designing a space with optimal lighting, both artificial and natural can help to reduce absenteeism as well.

Don’t forget technology

If you want to create a futurists design, use hot concepts, such as smart factories, smart buildings, and internet of things that can ultimately enhance the overall function. As the technology keeps evolving, you need to implement flexibility in a workplace layout, so that future things can be easily accommodated. Have space for the automated systems in the building, so that employees can control their environment, such as adjusting the amount of warm or cold air, lighting, etc can make them feel more comfortable.

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