How Does Bitcoin Mixer Randomize Option Work?


Trustworthy Bitcoin mixers often come up with additional features. They are created to add to customer’s security, anonymity, and comfort. So, if you see a program with extra offerings is a huge turn-on to select it. Still, overstuffed service will be difficult to use and the requesting process may take some time. Some mixing service, like BitMix, propose the Randomize option as an addition to basic services. It is designed to enhance security and anonymity even more.

Here is how this feature works.

Enhanced Security

Typically, when you get your money mixed with other deposits, you receive a set of random coins in one transaction back. Things go slightly different when you opt for the Randomize option. You still get everything mixed in the same way, with the difference that you retrieve your money in several transactions. This process is even more difficult to be tracked down in the blockchain, so it greatly adds to your security and anonymity.

Payment Limits

BitMix has payment limits on the Randomize option. If you don’t stick to them, the option is disabled by default.

The minimum payout of one transaction is to be the following one:

  • Bitcoin – 0.10000000 BTC
  • Litecoin – 1.00000000 LTC
  • Dash – 1.00000000 DASH

If the desired payout is lower than the required minimum, you won’t be able to opt for the Randomize option.

Double Fees

In addition, if you select to Randomize your transactions, the fees for them will be doubled. They often come in a random number as well but not more than 1%. This is fair since more sources are involved to Randomize your operations and increase the level of your security and anonymity. So, if you want more services, you need to pay more. There is no crime in it.


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