How Do You Become a Chauffeur? According to Business


Professional drivers generally fall into one of two categories: Those who transport goods and those who transport people. The latter category includes chauffeurs who may work for a corporate car service New York City, limousine company, airport shuttle, etc. It is a position of great responsibility, meaning that you have to meet a lot of qualifications to be sure you are up to the job.

Pass a Background Check

A chauffeur is a position of trust. Your passengers are vulnerable when they are alone in a car with a stranger. Potential employers need to know that you will not take advantage of the situation regardless of what happens. To do this, they may conduct a background check. You may also have to have a drug test to make sure that there are no chemicals in your body that could impair your driving ability.

Take a Vision Test

While multiple senses are involved in driving, your vision is the most essential. Other senses can be compensated for, but there is no substitute for being able to see the road clearly in front of you, as well as any possible hazards. Therefore, you will have to pass a vision test issued by the state to ensure that you can see properly.

Demonstrate Driving Skills

If you wish to drive a large vehicle capable of transporting at least 16 passengers, you may need to obtain a commercial driver’s license. For smaller vehicles, some states require a special chauffeur’s license, while others do not. If you require a special license, you will have to pass a written test and practical driving examination just as you would for a regular license. In any case, you need to demonstrate a clean driving record.

Driving skills and character are far more important to the position than your schooling. Becoming a chauffeur requires no specific education requirements outside of driving instruction.

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