How Custom Garage Storage is Done


Consider custom garage storage to make your garage a better area to work and relax. It’s a good idea to invest in some of the products available to you, such as bins, hooks, and shelves. These items can help you store all of your tools and equipment in an organized manner.

Overhead storage racks

The overhead storage rack is one of the most functional and attractive solutions for storing items in the garage. This rack is also great for protecting your belongings from the elements. These racks are made from quality materials, are easy to install, and are sturdy. They are ideal for storing all sorts of things, including sporting gear, bins, and property maintenance tools.

The rack is constructed of 13 gauge extra durable steel and has a powder coat finish that prevents scratches. It has a carrying capacity of up to 1000 pounds.

The overhead storage rack is more robust and durable than other garage storage systems. An integrated grid design makes the shelf more stable. Moreover, the ceiling drop can be adjusted from 22 to 40 inches.


How custom garage storage Pittsburgh PA is done with shelves is a good question. The answers will vary based on the type of shelving you have.

Wall-mounted shelves are popular for small areas. They help display items, and they can even provide more storage space.

Corner shelves are also a good choice for small items. It is because they can be attached between two studs, making it a fast and easy way to store things.

Overhead storage racks are also great for reducing clutter. You can hang bicycles, bikes, tools, or anything else that needs a place to stay.

Baskets are another excellent storage solution. These can be placed on shelves or placed on overhead racks. For the best results, use durable frames.


Regarding garage storage, it’s essential to have a system that’s easy to use. That means a well-organized garage with space for everything. Consider the following garage hooks if you want to arrange your garage and make the most of your limited wall space.

Garage hooks are made of sturdy solid steel. They’re durable and hold various items, including pipes, ladders, and heavy tools. These hooks come in several different sizes to meet your needs.

One of the best features of these garage hooks is the extended-length plate design. The extra space allows you to distribute the weight evenly for superior holding power.

These racks are also easy to install. You can mount them on the ceiling or the wall. Mounting brackets are also available, which can be mounted horizontally or vertically.


A custom storage solution can be just what the doctor ordered. Your personalized garage cabinets and shelves are ideal for storing and organizing your possessions. The best part about these systems is that they are affordable. They don’t require you to remodel your entire garage to get the job done. There are many options, including hanging storage, overhead and racks, and custom wall and door-mounted shelving. It is a great way to maximize your space and make the most of your car or motorcycle garage.

To help you determine the best option for your needs, keep in mind your requirements. For instance, if your budget is tight, you may opt for a combination of overhead and wall-mounted shelving. However, consider installing a car lift if you have more money to burn.


If you are reorganizing your garage or want to maximize your space, a workbench can help you get more done. It may be used as a work table, a tool storage area, or additional storage space.

The location of the workbench in your garage is essential. It should be near the house and not obstruct other parts of the garage.

Some people prefer to install cabinets around the workbench. Others prefer to integrate the bench into the wardrobe. It is a good option for people with a smaller budget.

A garage workbench is a necessity for any household. It helps keep your tools organized, keeps your work area free of clutter, and gives you a flat, clean work surface.


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