Finding the Right ORM Agency


Finding the right reputation management company can be difficult. There are many to choose from these days and they all offer slightly different services. Some quote longer campaigns than others, some charge much more, and some can’t do half of what another agency can do. It is because of this that we bring you some useful tips to choosing an Online Reputation Management agency.

The most important thing is they professional? Do they keep your information safe and try to actually solve the problem for you, rather than cash in on it? How can you spot an agency that does that, is a question many people ask. The answer is the same as for any business, look at their reviews. If they truly can do what they say, then surely, they can do it for themselves. Read their reviews carefully and check how far they go back. Check out their directors on companies house and Crunchbase too to see their team for real, not just what they claim on the website.

The cost and timeframe can be very different depending on who you talk to. Some agencies say the problem can be fixed in a few weeks, some say three to six months and some quote a year. As you will be paying monthly, finding out exactly how long it will take is important. This depends on the negative content. For example, if you have negative news about you, but you have been found not guilty, then it is quicker and easier to remove than if you were found guilty. Some problems like bad reviews can be ongoing. 

A good agency will put you in touch with a consultant first, rather than a salesman. Contact Pure Reputation if you want to have a discussion with an expert with years of experience handling ORM campaigns. Visit their website to see how they differ from other Online Reputation Management companies here. 

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