Factors To Consider Before Buying A UV-C Unit

Factors To Consider Before Buying A UV-C Unit

When considering UVC light as a disinfection technique, it may be tempting to buy any UV-C systems you come across in the market. But, you need absolute certainty that you’re investing in highly effective UV sanitation light like those from R-Zero and paying the lowest price possible.

To do that, you must consider some critical factors, which are blueprints leading to the ultimate UV-C units for your business. With that in mind, this post will walk you through essential things to remember before buying UVC disinfection systems. Here’s a closer look.

The wavelength of UV light emitted by the Systems

UV light comes with different wavelengths, and only the correct one is effective in disinfection. Here’s the thing. Ultraviolet radiation is divided into three strengths based on the wavelength value: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. According to studies, UV-C is the only ultraviolet wavelength effective for disinfection and sterilization purposes. That is to say, you should only buy sanitizers with UV-C wavelength. Only then will you be sure of effective germs elimination and maximum cleanliness on surfaces and air in your business.

Features of the UV-C unit vs. The needs in your business

When buying a UV-C unit, you want it to fit your needs perfectly such that it’s easy to use and does not mess up the workflow in your business. For instance, you want a UV sanitizer that features high portability for smooth movements from one room to another in your business. Also, the chances are that you wish to have automatic UV units offering efficient disinfection with minimum or no labor necessary. Even then, you should compare your business needs with the features of UV-C units before settling on a purchase decision. This way, you’ll only select a UV system that meets your business’s needs in terms of user-friendliness and workflow.


Needless to say, you want top-effective UV-C units at the lowest price possible. For that reason, it’s crucial to check the cost of different UV sanitizers in the market. That means you’ll have to identify several sanitizers from various suppliers and gauge their prices. Afterward, you can select the most pocket-friendly UV-C unit with high standards of disinfection. The thing is that different sellers quote different prices with a slight or no change in disinfection quality. Therefore, it’s wise to consider different market prices of UV systems before making a purchase. As a result, you’ll get the best systems at a more affordable cost for your business.

The time the UV-C units take to disinfect

The UV-C disinfection process is not instantaneous, which is to say, micro-organisms must be exposed for some time to the UV radiations before being destroyed. However, that time depends heavily on the technology powering specific UV units. Some are quick in germ elimination, while others are slow. That means you must check the operation time of different UV-C units and opt for the fastest one. Also, some UV-C sanitizers can destroy surface and air microorganisms in a 1000 ft.2room in less than 7 minutes.

In the end, with the above factors at your fingertips, you’ll get nothing less than the best when buying UV-C units.

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